Toxic Chicken ft. Furchick – Tinkerbells

Artist: Toxic Chicken ft. Furchick
Title: Tinkerbells
Label: Dog Park

The latest release from the Dog Park kennels is a sweet, lovable little pup called Tinkerbells. Toxic Chicken & Furchick nurtured this young doggo who now feels the need to run & play. Let’s let Tinkerbells of the leash!

They are so exuberant as they scamper around in a wild meadow full of birds & insects – so much to sniff and explore. Dandelion seed heads are being puffed into the air by gentle gusts of wind, and the sun feels warm on the hound’s wirehair coat. The sounds of tiny people flitter around the doggy’s ears like a flash of silver. Now there is the sound of bells and voices – as if the meadow has become a sacred place of nature worship. Surely Tinkerbells has found the meaning of life!

Next our friendly canine approaches some humans in order to extend a paw and to learn how to ’empower and enable’ people. The lesson involves using a frog croak beat & various machines that shimmy, shake, & bleep away happily. Our pup knows all of the basic commands already but learns some important new ones about helping people in need.

The next bunch of humans to be enthusiastically greeted are what is known as ‘Jazz People’ – they are the kind of people that never get tired of throwing sticks for energetic mutts. Much hilarity ensues as each person grabs a stick or ball and throws it – so much excitement for our young pup as all of the projectiles start bouncing off the ground making piano and drum noises. So many desirable sounding objects, even a squeaky toy! It is all over much too quickly and this young scamp is left with their tongue hanging out wishing the game had never ended.

We feel that you should experience some of this poochedelic joy for yourself, so please take the time to have a listen and welcome Tinkerbells into your Forever Home:


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