Dirty Princes – Prince of Hearts

artist: Dirty Princes
title: Prince of Hearts
keywords: pop punk rock garage punk garage rock power pop toronto Spring
label: Under The Counter Tapes

I’m not fond of the nonsense that is royalty, but for this dirty princes I’m gladly make an exception. It’s not strange or idiotic as it is pretty satisfying to see a princess so dirty as this one! Or actually, sounding dirty as visually it is hard to imagine how this princess looks like. In my head the dirty princes is covered in poop, but that’s just because that looks visually funny. But this princess is clearly one of those that you can’t see when paraded by & if you do it pretty much will be a case of your head being chopped off. Although that seems to be a more practical thing that the queen of hearts is known for & not the Prince of Hearts that this dirty princes seems to be affiliated with.

So feel very free to imagine the looks of the dirty princes while you are free to hear what this dirty princess is sounding like; in my ears its very pretty in the punk department. Imagine Anarchy in the UK and God Save The Queen but then much more punch drunk and on a rock of roll! Also the dirty princess doesn’t seem to be all up in the royal arsehole for a change, but pretty determined to be playful and fun as well. Or at least that’s what I think when I let the dirty princes in to dance around in my head, urinating happily in all the corners with willing permission!

The only thing that I don’t like is that the dirty princes is so short, but I won’t complain as the dirty princess sounds tall enough to punch around with some spiked knuckles for an extra amount of cheerful pain and misery. Still, I don’t want to give the wrong impression after all we are dealing here with blue blood that has every right to be more important than our peasants of low society; but wow, I think this dirty princes is so dirty that it comes across as if it is actually one of us! One of the spikey punks, with pants full of holes, half covered in urine and cheap booze while in the weekends giving out flyers for the local tattoo parlor!

With pleasant riffs and a life loving fun attitude this dirty princess simply camouflaged itself to be our buddy, our pall in the anarchistic circles while also undermining it all at the same time. If you hear the dirty princess sing you just know that it’s been trained at the palace to shout out loud and get what it wants immediately; something that might be ultimately handy in life no matter what social status, or hygienic setting you have set yourself in. It makes us want to team up with dirty princess, become best friends and dance the pogo while throwing feces at the local cops!

In any case, I think you will love this dirty princes. I feel that it could be our dirty little secret & trust me we will keep it among us; but I do like this dirty princess too! No need to start a french revolution if all princesses would be like this dirty princes; in fact royalty would flourish in popularity! Sure the lovability of a GG Allin, or the wit of a Sex Pistols singer is a thorn in the eye for everyday nobel society, but a dirty princes? Everyone would wave their flags happily when this dirty princes comes by to hang out with the homeless, the squatters and the average looking folk, as well as the high class elite who would happily give the dirty princes some scissors to cut the rope and open the latest pig farm! It’s a beautiful thing, easily conquering the hearts of the many & bringing classes closer together thanks to being dirty and from a good family!

If you want to support the dirty princes, become a friend or simply witness what the dirty princess can do for you and your country; just follow the following link and get yourself the limited cassette from Under The Counter Tapes! A tape that is unlike the dirty princes, very clean and smells exceptionally lovely!

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