shamane – ultra extra

artist: shamane
title: ultra extra
keywords:  experimental abstract alien ambient autotune drone electronic esoteric exotica new age noise synth vocoder voice Washington
label: Ingrown Records

Sometimes the tag experimental gets used and abused by people who just do whatever anyone else has been doing, but when we really hear something that is planting the flag into ‘experimental’  as the word was intended for; real minds are blown apart in many lucky pieces! My mind was all over the place, but luckily the many unpaid assistants at the YIKIS office brushed all the pieces back together and stuck it all nicely back in through a unlucky nose hole. It was very nice of them that they did that, as without a brain I would probably not be able to report on ‘ultra extra’, the album that was solidly responsible for the brain explosion!

An album indeed nicely tucked in the experimental genre, but instead of urinating all over it; truthfully honoring this tag with a severe case of originality, bizarreness and indeed superb experimentation. Of course, like any successful experiment, it is very difficult to discuss it, to try to place the bits of music into other genre boxes, to chew out in pure details what the ears are hearing, what the experimental sounds of music are doing with me, my emotions and how it all makes a person feel… Not that anyone around here cares about me and the relation to the music as send to us in a digital way, but we can just pretend they do!

Instead of attempting to describe, try to place bits in other boxes or pen up fantastical stories about what these experimental tracks could be, I just sat there, bit dumbfounded but with a pleasantly satisfied smirk on my face while facing the speakers that provided these deliciously weird abstract tracks. They where unlike anything that I’ve ever heard before, a mirage of electronic happenings, mouth creations, strange alterations, shimmering around in a grotesque world of unclassified moments that will make the experiments of Frankenstein look like the work of an unimaginative bank employee. (no offense intended to all the bank employees reading this!)

But unlike Frankenstein, these experiments definitely had all been gathered to bring a positive effect on ones mind, yep; the mind being blown by sheer awesomeness might sound awesome, but reality is that such a thing is quite dangerous! But if we look beyond that, this album seriously feels like one that is filled with listenable positive experiments, ones that are so intriguing and pleasant to the ears and head that they go by so quickly that it almost feels as if we zap away on a television set with only channels that feature the things that we like and dig!

These experiments are all dipped like an psychedelic adventure in which anything can happen, no rules are the rules, while still silly enough coming across as being delicately in control; brewing every experiment together as one big happy glorification of it all! One moment your ears are treated with lush warmth and whispering voices that talk to your deeper senses and in another you are nicely paired up with kind robots. Another we are treated with eccentric ambient, strange eccentric vocal expressions and another we are grooving away on a psychedelic groove… All of these unpredicatable adventures are together as one, keeping this album like multiple rides in a pleasantly big theme park of the experimental music kind.

There are no moments of nastiness, no painful sounds or times that you need to close your ears or imagination receptors; all of the tracks are absolutely listener friendly, making them the ideal mixture to open your mind (after it had blown up and been put back semi-together) and sail away in these interesting creations that shamane has so lovingly invented over here. It’s seriously a crazy world paved with absolute wonders! with music like this, the term ‘experimental’ could smile with a warm heart and finally sleep peacefully once again! A very vibrant and exciting album that has every right to blow your mind! check out ultra extra and you will be rewarded for a good amount of interesting entertainment:

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2 Responses to shamane – ultra extra

  1. shamane says:

    thank you so much buddy

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