CDX – Lion Cuts

Artist: CDX
Title: Lion Cuts
Keywords: electronic indie rock krautrock psychedelic synth Los Angeles
Label: Doom Trip

Sometimes it’s alright to slip into the comfort zone that real music has to offer. It doesn’t really need authentic instruments as these Lion Cuts by CDX proofs that with electronica things can sound pretty and real too; emotional even! Yep, with tears in my eyes I listened to the beautiful music that the first track named ‘friends’ had to offer. You could hear the sincerity, the emotion and clearly the great love and appreciation that CDX must have and feel for the friends… that’s what friends are for, right?

…so much so, that when you hear these tunes you feel like you want to be part of the inner circle of CDX friends too, especially when CDX inserts the kind of braindance material that will make friends of the genre that exploded in the nineteens with the likes of Aphex Twin roaming around on until it unexpectedly died out when things became a tiny bit hot underneath the feet of alternative electronica… It’s a happy thing to hear that CDX gives it a new life and continues this path to bring emotions to this electric music; it’s just like coming home fresh while also standing fiercely with some legs in the fine past.

It’s a thing that happily continues with the lively sounding ‘Twenty Two II’ tune that takes playful happy sounding acidic blips and blobs into a cute mélange of melody & funky goodness. The bubbling acid sound and sweet format of music has that joyful pulse to make the day into a good start, midday or ending. It has that spark of taking a bubble bath, and that smiley vibe of pureness after taking a happy pill that makes you want to hug random people and tell them that you love them; good stuff indeed! It could save the world in its own way!

Lloyd’s Long Night is another title in which a tune has been placed under; one that is greatly filled with a contagious sounding energetic energy; one with scratching beats and playfulness draped in the organic melodies developments. It has some unexpected moves similar to the tactics of a smart ninja who is so intelligent and quick that it will even surprises itself. Smiley high kicks, multiple belly flips and always providing a reason to smile. Even if you have no teeth!

And you know what? This release simply gives plenty more reasons to be smiley and happy, with some trigger happy Tiger Breaks that are powered by big programmed drums and well tasty acidic beauties in melodic form. They swing nicely in their rounded forms for a orgasm full of wonderful warmth, depth and swelling sweetness that keeps itself cool at the same time! What a goodness!

This theme continues with 60.90 III which provides even more of these fine sounds, melodic grooviness in the pleasant synth sound show that everyone into these kind of things should have been out on a hunt for! Now you don’t need to hunt anymore as Lion Cuts serves it all up your plate, ready for your consumption!

Also Rose Gold Relationship Goals triggers those old acidic goodness of the good classic fruitful times over at the Braindance department, sounding like it is a classic tune that should have been released back in the day on the rephlex label that Richard D James had been running with his friends whose name everyone tends to forget. Who was it? It’s on the point of my tongue… No, sorry: no clue! In any case, this tune is superbly pleasant, giving the right amount of cozy memories to the happy times as thick baselines and intoxicating intelligent beats had been providing nothing but joy!

It’s a proper theme that goes from track to track, tune to tune; intelligence, wonderful synth sound over and over again to give us pleasure without the urge to hunker for more of the goodness! The big beats, greatly programmed to entertain our wobbly heads and of course enough emotional content that we could feel if we had to feel it! In the end CDX shoves the original kindness under the carpet and goes for a full out freak show with bass and brassy breaks for an instant party for the electric fanatics! All in all, there is nothing to joke, but a hell of a lot to love over here!

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