Laurie Spiegel – Unseen Worlds

artist: Laurie Spiegel
title: Unseen Worlds
keywords: classical other algorithmic ambient coding electronic experimental improvisation macintosh music mouse United States
label: Unseen Worlds

Hello dear readers, psychoactive lovers of music and sound & others that have gathered around here! Welcome! I hope you are ready for a wonderful adventure? As that is what going into Unseen Worlds by Laurie Spiegel absolutely feels like!

I went into it with my eyes closed and wrote a report to you in this blinded state, of course half of my notes ended up on my little notebook and the other part got written on my knee; but still, after transcribing them into the typing machine, I’m gladly showing you my final result of where this music had taken me:

At first I felt like slipping through the earth, going down from the comfort of my seat, while sliding through unseen barriers, slippery slides of untouchable cosmos! Through a deep tunnel of the underground I arrived at a prestige place of wonders, one in which everything was surreal and outstandingly beautiful, a place where flowers opened up by themselves, elegantly as if they had been the true oracles with all the answers lying in the beauty of their paddles. The music waved them in glorious directions, made them sparkle with golden auras of wisdom and outstanding knowledge. I was absolutely stunned!

Suddenly the sonic wonder world took another turn, calmly filling up my imaginative receptors with a mesmerizing audioscape in which depth and clarity met each other like true dignified friends. Together they spread out a new reality, one in which abstract waves push the confinements of life to non existing boundaries, forming a dense world in which birds and whales could happily swim and fly together for a dense friendship that could not normally happen in other worldly circumstances. They twirl, dance, swim and fly in beautiful gracious movements, balancing themselves on the sounds of absolute electric beauty, one that expands the mind enough to tell it that there is more to life than what the eyes could see! Luckily I kept mine firmly closed in order to see the world that Laurie Spiegel had opened the gates for in all its mighty glory.

With a fine acceptance, the zone of music held a conversation within the illusions of silence, playfully conversing with its own voice, providing colorful tones of comfort that felt sparkling and fresh, while kindly hugging my inner heart like what you would expect a good friend would do to another friend. Here I noticed the other visitors of this world, all listening and floating in this world of wonders, being particles that just flow in these audible worlds of adventure. We winked at each other, hugged and celebrated our obviously good taste in music!

After the acts of kindness, the Unseen World proceeded to move into a wide landscape, one in which emotional content is launched into a vast amount of space, simply teleporting me and the other listeners into the body of a single visitor onto another peaceful, and less crowded planet. A planet in which things flow weightlessly through the air, one in which small pieces of shiny rock move up and down by themselves, and a wonderful view of surreal peacefulness can be seen as far as the horizon. Who needs a space rocket or teletransportation to travel to such far out spaces when you can just listen with your eyes closed to this album of Laurie Spiegel?

Not much later, the hidden world moves to a wondrous chapter full of miraculously big floating mirrors, my body was like an angel equipped with wings, nicely adapted to float through this chapter of ultimate glory and self reflection. Dressed with a big veil and a massive robe my spiritual body got guided through this wonderful hallway of sheer massiveness, as if I’ve entered the kingdom of the holy gods themselves, especially underlined with the available synthesized choir voices that willingly provided the extra sound of holiness. Here I flew through the Hurricane’s Eye, twirling around in a sudden twist of turbulent action, going in a storm in which everything got lifted up in the air with a rapid speed, thrown into a wild ride that does its best to mess up my hair and still making it all the more enjoyable!

The surreal action placed me and the other listeners in a very peculiar zone; a landscape that felt highly moving, one that is filled with sound that are alive and well, definitely living a life on their own, feeling free and unboxable, sparkling around in fanatic formations that fly in similar flight formats just like groups of intensively creative birds. They are beautiful, vibrant and wonderful to see in all their glorious twinkling golden lights of freedom sounds. To me as a sound lover, this can only be described as the heaven of heavens, the precious zone in which the purest sounds of absolute stunning purity are daringly occupying the air, completely free from burdens, away from the rules and classifications, fully being who they really want and should be: magical miracles of audible wonders!

Because apparently I ain’t dead yet, the wonderful tour of these hidden worlds continued to hop into another miraculous chapter, one in which we all just had to hang out, as the audio would carry us visitors on its back as if none of us had been weighting anything. This tour took us from pretty zones, to cluttering abstractness. When my eyes got used to a new found bright light, it became apparent that it was the world of “Strand For Life” that shined so bright! It is so lovely over there, very calm and peaceful, yet vibrant and active; it made me think of a beautiful beach, playing around while happily dancing in a warm sea with colorful sand between the toes. And when the hidden world provides a Harmonic Algorithm my mind really made its mind up; I wanted to stay there forever and forever and than even some more! The love that can be heard, felt, seen and found over there is like witnessing the finest grains of life, wonderfully twinkling in its all its sweet innocence, delivering not just a safe place, but also a corner of organic beauty and familiar melodic happiness.

Of course, me and other visitors of this dimension might not stay here forever as otherwise anyone might become simply spoiled for eternity! So Laurie Spiegel swiftly moved me and the fellow travelers onto the next journey, through a passage that is intense, superbly intriguing and with a psychedelic speed of true excitement… It made me tumble through the air as if trapped by the perfect storm, one that would make the one that Dorothea and Toto got trapped in (tossing them towards the land of Oz) quietly weak in comparison! This one is very full on, imaginative and engaging, but the will in the end to willfully delivering everyone back ‘home’ in this reality. Once there it is the moment in which its okay to reopen the eyes and wonder if this all had happened or not… Was this all a dream? An intensive trip? A wondrous flow of magic through audio escapades? Yes to all + It is the experience of these Unseen Worlds as provided by Laurie Spiegel! Wow!


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