qualchan. – Goodbye to All That

artist: qualchan
title: Goodbye to All That
keywords: experimental ambient beat beat tape chopped dark ambient experimental hip-hop lofi noise sampled vaporwave Easley
label: Houdini Mansions http://houdinimansions.com/

qualchan. Goodbye to All That. Or actually, No, let’s keep all that is done here by qualchan! It is indeed a lot of stuff, maybe upon first arrival giving you the slightest impression of a release that has similarities to a hoarders house, but with two big massive differences; one is that its stuff that everyone will like and two; nobody would want to toss anything out in the nearest rubbish bin!

Yep, with 41 tracks on a single album it might be like a tower towering over your head, but that is where the magic is; all of these tunes go so smoothly into each other, slipping and sliding most delicately into one and another for support and compliments. It does this so well that as a music reviewer, or let’s say ‘a troublesome writer that likes to pretend to write about music’ it is a severe challenge to write a deep report about it all.

Things just parade by so effectively that it goes into your subconsciousness, there it is entertaining you while you are doing things, bringing you good chilling vibes one way or another, forming the best soundtrack that you could wish for when you don’t want annoying things obstructing your thinking process, your happy daily lives, or simple doings at your job or non-job.

But please don’t shove this album under the carpet as quality background material, because it is more than that; I feel as if it is behind everything secretly whispering brand new ideas, agreeing with the ones that already roam around in your mind, becoming somewhat the buddy that isn’t in your way, but the helpful personality that will be delighted to make you a cup of tea when you forget that you needed that the very most!

The wonderful tones of relaxed music, all with a heart, a rhythm and a pulse; sticking out for each other and for you their dearest friend and listener… It’s obvious that these kind hearted tracks at their core, are stapled upon each other for a never ending stream of goodness to all who lift their own protective layers, ready to let them stream within you like delighter and always attentive friends that not just know ‘you’, but also ‘feel’ you!

So say goodbye to your toxic friends, the ones that are always in your way, feed off from your energy or ‘borrow’ your beloved sweaters and never intend to give them back & let this album by qualchan replace them! Not only would you not miss those ‘buddies’, but your life will be suddenly improved and better!

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