The Doll – Bad Taste 2 Tracks

Artist: The Doll
Title: Bad Taste 2 Tracks
Keywords: experimental compilation field recordings no-fi noise London

The Doll is (unlike the many dolls at my little niece her dollhouse) a very active sound making performer who knows where it’s at. But for this first work on this release of so called ‘bad taste’ audio I believe she did somehow got some inspiration from one of the dolls in the dolls house, the turbulent and unmissable housewife character that always seems to have the act assigned to her to get the whole doll’s house in a good state, running the whole family, being an ultimate all round chef cook, child minder, example and what the hell not!

You can clearly hear all the activities; up from early morning with a prominent sound of an electric alarm, coffee grinding, tea bubbling, breakfast bowling, toothpaste stirring, early day Donald Duck impression making to entertain the kids, sucking up the crumbs with a mini vacuum cleaner! The whole nick nack and more!

In fact this doll feels like she must have more super powers than superman, as that fake-ass guy can just go home and chill out with his sexy elderly butler massaging his feet; nobody will miss him when he is not flying around in its tight costume to pretend to be the knight in some idiotic case of a male’s heroic imagination. No, the real super hero is this housewife doll, or actually the real life housewife.

Even though the name itself feels like a negative thing now, as if it’s looked down upon; but try to be one and keep your head up and don’t limit yourself to the background in order to get a whole family up and running in a happy and smooth way! It’s the hardest task ever and massive mad respect to anyone willing to take on that part & even more to anyone who does that & can also manage to do other super things on the side! They are out there and they are obviously more super than super & hell; they are really real and hardly ever seen celebrated in a super hero comic book!

I’m getting frustrated just to think about it, so I won’t and focus again on The Doll and the music or noises that she made under the title Valiant Housewife name! This is what seems to me the soundtrack of such a real life super hero in the prompt of her daily busy life doing those overlooked super hero things! Crazy thing is that she is almost doing all of them at once too! From preparing breakfast, cooking, hovering, working, cleaning, washing, tooth brushing, culture delivering, being an example, paying the bills, and even the curtains get a stroke of hygiene!

But there is so much more, like playing around with the kids, drilling the floor at the front of the house, petting the pets, providing a musical soundtrack, giving care, making sure all is running as it should be running! Driving the family to school, brushing thing, fixing the holes in socks, making new dolls, being absolutely awesome and fabulous while drilling things, hammering nails, drawing, glueing, protecting. making the beds, screwing the cupboards together, painting the walls, shopping the shoppings, singing songs, delivering the entertainment, being the sunshine at any given time! Phew! I’m already exhausted just thinking of the life of the Valiant Housewife!

Lucky The Doll had also provided some mad energy to fill you up whether you are such an overlooked super hero or just the regular nitwit! With enough beats she beats you around the ears, smacking the rightful bits and bulbs of bad taste at you so you will feel all excited, lived up and ready to go and do remarkable things! Smashing up the bad guys or hovering the floor; the Doll’s ‘three’ track will be the pulse of it all!

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