Satanique Samba Trio – mais bad

Artist: Satanique Samba Trio
Title: mais bad
Keywords: avant-garde brazilian music experimental forroinstrumental jazz samba sao pauloworld music  free jazz Brazil

The satanic samba trio clearly cracked the code of how to make successfully some really cool tunes & get them all successfully squeezed in shorties of time, perfect for an instant amount of happy moving action that gets into your feet, legs, arms and hands for an delightful shake and dance! Rhythm and madness is the key to illuminate sadness & gosh there is no sadness her whatsoever. Gothic people who love that side of life would seriously be all bumped out while hearing this one!

It’s full colour, shake your hips material of a kind that makes you do a wiggly who is who! Even my fingers are dancing, making it very stressful to actually type real words and sentences, if I would just go with the flow and let them do their thing as this music plays this review would be like this: jdkdivndidncindkcvnfo. Idjdochdj icnjci hdjdbeidbdjsk hcnci jjdxkxjich dhshnsbdn Ikshjsnqqofhqnnc hdjshwbd behe ejsuvewjne r jeevhehebejebehiwb due ejbd eje e ejwbejevkaowbzzz but yeah that wouldn’t make much sense, wouldn’t it? So here is a link so you can check out these shaking shakes for yourself:

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