Gifgrond #72 : the report!

Not very long ago I was in the Netherlands in a nice place in Tilburg, a fine city that you could skip if there wasn’t the wonderful Antenne recordshop and of course the best underground stage on the planet; Gifgrond. I always go there as it’s one of those life’s pleasures that if you would miss it, it simply feels wrong. You need to be there at least once in your life, so as an addictive person I’ll make sure to be there as much as possible!

Last time that I was there was pretty much amazing again. So much so that it took a while to bring myself back to the vegetative state of writing and reporting about it. In fact, it somehow got wiped out of my head for a bit too long, luckily a brain surgeon turned hypnotist had helped to return my memory thanks to some modern day bits of trickery! So here is ‘what I believe’ had happened on that very special night at the latest Gifgrond:

Normally I would have arrived early, but this time I jumped straight in when the culture exchange was already going on in its strongest ways! Somehow I saw things immediately with a double vision, not because of any toxicity in the air, but because I came into the very active set of Twins, who crazy enough had the urge to jump of the deejay desk like some kind of stage diving rocker! This is my kind of performer, one that isn’t just doing music, but becomes one with it! How wonderful and energetic & the music of Twins was a well paired matching match with all this body levitating action!

Twins made me thirsty, which made me meet some very friendly friends who offered a fancy gifmix. They had been new faces around this area & rumour goes that they had been DJ Bs and Gerrie! Next time I would not forget to bring my autograph book so I could delightfully collect theirs for the collection of underground celebrities! The gifmix was deviously delicious by the way!

If my memory helped me well, after this it was Forced Into Femininity to take over with a delightful indescribable show described by the youngsters as a excitingly dirty set! Think of performance art on a stream of kind hearted ugliness of noises on which the artist fanatically jumped around while being all polite about it. All rules of social skills got a little blurred, especially after being unzipped by eager audience members from layers of clothes, ready to reveal a fancy glitter costume and more sweaty pleasantness! There was no way anyone could hide for Forced Into Femininity as this artist occupied the entire place as if it was nothing! Exciting and curious making material indeed and a true wonder why this all became so troublesome in the memory department!

Big Debbies performance clearly tattooed itself in my head as this artist took over with a fine set that seemed to come across unstoppable and unforgetable. For this occasion Big Debbie was impressively looking in a yellow raincoat, turning itself in the yellow version of little red riding hood!

Big Debbie carefully warmed up the floor with a slow beginning, but then opted to bring in the guitar for a powerful body to body performance! How delicious!

Big Debbie filled the place with enough infectious sound to get the place hooked for more! As the backdrop we could clearly spot the latest video clip providing the right epileptic lights for the show!

While everyone was buzzing on the height of the evening, Toxic T came in to announce a very special upcoming workshop in which a few seats are still available. It’s a workshop “Hacked Telephone Mic” by Yuri Landman that will happen on the next Gifgrond on 23 November starting at 12:00 to 17:00! Finally a good reason to have a phone and sing ‘hello, is it me your looking for’ within it! It’s a special edition including the complete phone set & only a few spots available, so it’s best to hurry up & book yourself a spot! Cost workshop included second hand telephone: 50,- euro , Cost workshop and bring your own telephone: 25,- euro
by sending an email to

While all this was going on I had sneaked into the secluded area to find some tasty leftovers of some very nice quality food cooked up so lovingly by Wilma! Some sweet potato and lentils could be identified before it all exclusively slide down my happy throat; myum!

Of course the party wasn’t complete without a delicate sensible set of ultra madness by the legendary DJ Ibrahim Kazoo III, who was of course one of the deejays that would attract massive audiences like moths to a flame! The public loved his set so much that they seemed to live life through it! They all clanged to the deejay desk as if it was the fountain of youth! People of all ages simply started to jump, gabber and even dance around; what a perfect end to yet another festive event!

Next gifgrond will be on 23th of November with another line up to drool away from, with names like BLOOM DE WILDE ft. SCALE, SAJJRA, YURI LANDMAN & DJ SAMPELMAN you bet your ass that we will be there again! And it will be crazy of you not to see you there

All photos of the artists in action taken by Frank Janssens (massive bless to you!)

big thanks to Thea for the help with organising and insider info!

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