Petridisch – Aria of the Planetes

Artist: Petridisch
Title: Aria of the Planetes
Keywords: electronic experimental cosmic kosmiche musik post-vaporwave psychedelic vaporwave vocaloid Portland
Label: Girly Girl Musik

Aria of the Planetes by Petridisch Is like an mad angel calling out for you from the unlikely location of a locally placed arcade game. You known them or at least have seen them, the ones that are lonely and not standing around in massive arcade halls, but somewhere in the local restaurant beaming you strange flickering lights from out of a dodgy corner.

It’s as if it’s possessed or somehow managed to trap this angel inside; an angel in drastic need for your companionship, one that wants you there by her side, lurking you in her will to put a coin in and press those hardly cleaned (probably never!) buttons while she hypnotises you on the screen like a glorious phantom from another realm.

Apparently she and the inner electronic bits of the arcade machine are making a case for the planets, she sings an aria as the flashing lights hypnotically team up with synthesised galore that does its ultimate best to convince you to be hooked onto the screen with eyes, ears and fanatic fingers. Drooling in front of the machine like a hooked addict that is not only fascinated by the happening of visual sound and singing, but also severely obsessed.

The more we stare in this trance state at the next level wonder of the super natural, it becomes more clear that the angelic figurine has something Asian over her, a thing which makes sense as this arcade machine had been probably manufactured somewhere over in the Asian area + the restaurant where this thing so strategically is placed might be of an Asian order too.

In fact, if you came in to order some food, you probably forgot all about it when you had been drowned into this all absorbing phenomenon of music. Who could sit on a chair waiting for food to come when music like this is seducing you away from your seat, straight into an aria that you can’t resist to hear, feel and see? Something about planets you say?

A little background research provides us with the information that the creator is Petridisch, one amazing creator that had recorded this whole spiritual happening live & somehow implanted it in this imaginative arcade machine to mess with our minds like a true hypnotist, one with a nicely twisted sense of humour and obviously good taste in knowhow of what we want, enjoy or get fascinated by.

How did Petridisch do all this? Who knows… sometimes it is best not to ask questions, as staring at the Aria of the Planetes is such a thing to get instantly hooked on that you might need a scoceror of some kind, magically ready for helping to unglue you from this pretty magic. But for now (just like evil drug pushers) i will do the opposite and give you a push towards this music for your fantasies and imaginations to truly become obsessed about! Click this link to get on a musical roll of electrifying arcade-possessing arias;

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