mutantT.R.I. – V-E-S

mutanT.R.I. – V-E-S

Completely Gone Recordings

Reviewed by Furchick

A voyage into an industrial landscape consisting of one 41 min 40 second journey entitled VoyagEndlesS (V-E-S) by a confessed alien residing in Slovakia. This feels like a soundtrack for a dark story in Eastern Europe affected by the spoils of a nuclear meltdown. Our resident alien has landed his space ship into the industrial zone and upon arrival has recorded the sounds of Earth to send back to from whence he came. 

At first our alien is hesitant, slowly exploring the area, detecting radiation and radio waves. The machines are doing their work, methodically. The Geiger counter starts to go into overdrive, warning our alien of what lies ahead. 

The engines and heavy machinery are pumping, working hard, and a message comes in from outer space. What are they saying? Is it a warning for a future metallic world on this planet devoid of life? The machines have stopped. Has the alien presence been noticed? 

Can you hear the machine guns coming, closer and closer? This imaginary world becomes intensely cold and metallic. The sounds are crunchy and for lovers of industrial sounds, this is the soundtrack for a future that one might imagine in a nightmarish dream.

Finally a radio signal arrives, and the alien decides its safer to leave this planet now, while they still can. The fear dissipates as they fly off into the distant darkness.

V-E-S is highly recommended for lovers of industrial and ambient sounds. Its a remix project of field recordings in Slovakia by I.v. Martinez and mastered by Josh McCurdy at CGR. Check it out here:

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