Siksa – Stabat Mater Dolorosa

artist: Siksa
title: Stabat Mater Dolorosa
keywords: alternative noise poetry performance performance poetry punk riot grrl riotgrrl spoken word Poland
reviewed by: Furchick

This masterpiece arrived in my messages one day. At first I listened and it felt powerful. A punk poet with emotion, anger and a message. Intense bass playing, and full live set with no breaks. Having spent some time in Poland, I was dying to know what this passionate message was about.

Luckily there are English translations in the lyrics on Bandcamp.

We find a story about a Siksa, which literally means“non-jewish girl” as a derogative term, a word used for young, stupid and immature girls.

I have read that Siksa is an experiment to check out if it’s possible to act like a 16 years old girl again and survive the age of puberty on their own terms.

The lyrics are improvised over bass and cover topics considered taboo, some more so in Poland such as gender issues, not having children and keeping the family line going, and not being married. Others are about rape and powerlessness. You can feel the trauma exorcised in the words.

Aside from the intense raw punk feel, pop references and over the top energy, there are segues, almost ambient, that give this piece an artistic dynamic.

I highly recommend listening to this and please, read the lyrics. It gives meaning to the music. Olejnik Fotografie

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