Various Artists – A Picture Of Good Health 2

artist: Various artists
title: A Picture Of Good Health 2
keywords: experimental Lancashire
label: Wormhole World

The news had been out for a while now, but you know ‘busy life’.. But finally managed to throw a bucket of water on the dirt in the backyard, dug a little hole in the ground, magically shrank myself to the right size and jumped delicately inside the newly exposed Wormhole! Once there the tones of excitement became clear; these worms have a excellent taste of music and not selfish at all, as they are happy to share this pleasant compilation with you, me and all the rest of us!

Will you hold my dirty hand and check out what it is all about?

Black Robert – Bleeding Into Fall

Like a kindhearted gesture, Black Robert bites off the head of this wonderful collection of Wormhole’s A Picture Of Good Health 2. It’s so lovely and gentle, vibrant and energetic; think of sweet caring caregivers caring you into the realm of nice music, it’s like an electric group of friendly worker ants that step around determinedly with their tiny feet filled with happy strength. Nobody could wish for a nicer welcome than Bleeding Into Fall. Lovely tones, sugar sweet energy and a micro dose of beautiful love.

Radio Europa – Cities Of Red Night

Wormhole’s biggest selling release might have come from the legendary Radio Europa crew, here on this celebration compilation they deliver an excellent case why there are so loved and have claimed Tiny Turner’s “simply the best’ phrase like a well deserved bunch of audio magicians. The track ‘Cities Of Red Night’ is severely epic, lush and deep, ready to suck ears and minds into a atmospheric night sky full of impressive city lights, loaded with emotional content that sounds futuristic and still full of heart.

boycalledcrow – End Of File

boycalledcrow comes in to give this healthy compilation a nice swing, one that comes across as if it is generated from freedom, really making a listener more free than they ever had been freed! With lots of beautifully unexpected moments of sheer beauty, wonderful notes that twirl around a epic center of theatrical adventure music with an nice eclectic rhythm and feel to it. It feels like a happy movie to dance upon, one that goes beyond the Disney-esque cuteness and defies genre boxes to be as healthy as possible! Definitely a wonderful active pearl!

WIP – Glitch Bitch Rattlesnake

WIP throws the listeners under the bus of pure glitch, added a well balanced diet of intense sound manipulation to feel as if we slip into a gassy chamber filled with electronic abstractness that is ready to live a life on its own. You can hear it breathing in and out, hissing queitly like a massive beast that is ready to blow a stream of seedy steam up your ears; it’s the kind of music that makes you feel as if you are the character in a thrilling abstract horror movie, without it being too bloody or gore; still pretty dark though!

Toxic Chicken – Happy Birthday Wormhole World

To balance it out we have a birthday note by a family member whose made out of feathers of the poisonous kind. Here we can hear chicken worthy sounds, real bass, some italian laughter, a submarine and some pretty violins. Who will be jumping out of the cake?

Palavas – Human

Palavas brings its humanity skills to the healthy compilation, doing this by bringing indepth angelic tones that befriend its impressive humble sounding voice. Somehow magically turning this moment in a very intimate and private one, something to hold your own breath for. The artist sings and emotionally hums out it’s soulful soul while beautifully vibrating the ears with deep bass vibrations.

Alan Morse Davies – Jerusalem

The wonderfully talented Alan Morse Davies brings some kind of holy sensibleness to this collection, it feels like a blast from the past, one coming across as a blessing that this artist has spread out over the faithful Wormhole listeners. It is something that feels as if the artist had been flying above all wonderful church choirs in the world and directed them with a psychedelic touch with enough dusty vinyl sound to keep it nice, warm and low key. Surprisingly suitable for atheists!

Sound Effects Of Death & Horror (feat RIOT!) – Jet450

The artist names might suggest that this would be the kind of track ideal for the upcoming Halloween happenings, but listening to Jet450 turns the table around as it seems to provide the opposite of this presumptive idea. Here beautifully warm tones are spun around, lovingly spaced out with a unique gracefulness that feels most divine and cinematographic, lush and wondrous.

Whalt Thisney – Nada

Just when you think that things cant get any nicer, it’s Whalt Thisney to pop in and come over, delivering a very lovely gentle pleasant vibe of stunning warmth and beauty. Here there are no problems, every issue that had been troublesome had been evaporated in ‘Nada’, here you can ultimately relax, sink away into nothingness with the sheer knowledge that Whalt Thisney’s music will take care of your wellbeing better than any doctor or shrink at the local healthcare location. Pretty warm tones, prettily spaced out with organic harmonics that let your head enter a surreal set of mindfulness. Gorgeous.

Equinox (with Ben Mason) – Paranoia

When Whalt Thisney eliminated all your problems, Equinox featuring Ben Mason sneaks in a bit of paranoia through wordy whisper words. They are implanting the idea of a sneaky stalker, a peeping tom looking at you from a close distance. It’s kinda freaky, luckily the superbly dubby music with it’s rounded bass and skanky rhythm sorts it all out, making the ‘Paranoid’ sense into an enjoyable one!

Void Vertex – sadiecore

Unfortunately and sad to say, ‘sadiecore’ by one of my favorite artists out there ‘Void Vertex” has somehow escaped out of my reviewers copy of this wealthy sounding compilation. But knowing Void Vertex’s sound I can assure you, dear reader, that also sadiecore would be the ultimate highlight on this compilation! With a talent like this producer, everything simply turns into gold!

Egone – Sudorific

Egone brings the technoid sensation to this healthy mixture of music, massaging the brain with the rightful pulse of repetitive deliciousness that is nasty and raw but oh so tasty. People who dig the underground raves would probably get their faces into a happy twist, jumping up and down from chilled out excitement!

Xqui – Technetium

For a chilled out wet zone, Xqui seems to bring us down into the belower centers of the underground, to a sweet place with dripping drops of water and a nice coolness that feels like the ideal envirnment in which nobody would come and disturb your thoughts. More refreshing than drinking a cool beverage on a hot sunny day!

Paliki – The Warm Hole

From the Wormhole it’s a small slip and slide to fall into the warm hole. It is here that things get quite abstract and psychedelic. This is not really a single tune, but more a collage of things. At first a techno kick teams up with friendly warm guitar, synth bass and a collage of sampled constructions, but when the musical bits have passed the revue, things touch more upon the realm of field recordings, lo-fi rhythms, pretty crickets, the sound of the sea coming and going ashore, sweet childlike sleepy melodies… you name it!

Outside The Glitch – Watchtower

Talking about Bass… Outside The Glitch has also the full attention to this special spectrum of sound, creating a shimmering piece that feels made for headphones, deliciously produced in full stereo effects, creating a trip in which you feel elevated and grounded at the same time. Like tip toeing in surrealness while still going up the stairs for a better view.

St James Infirmary – Wormholoid

Wormhole’s A Picture Of Good Health 2 for sure has a great collection of music, somehow all feeling into each other, generating a pleasant mind-like set of sound and vibes. St James Infirmary certainly couldn’t be missed and with Wormholoid this artist delivers the intoxicating psychedelic banger to end this release in style. With an pulsating beat that bangs like YES that will never takes a NO for an answer the track slips in a trance inducing space rocker with electric guitar, funky infectiousness that spreads itself to a state in which every listeners should feel glorious, reborn or even resurrected! Pretty amazing for sure!

If you like music and enjoy to hear and see the independent underground brewing more fruitfully than any of the bigger fishes in the sea, it is highly recommended to get your hands and ears on this wonderful compilation! Every penny earned from it will go into the Wormhole label, who gently uses it for manufacturing the albums and supporting the artist on its very fine roster! So check it out and enjoy the Wormhole!


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