FROM – A Memory of Tomorrow

Artist: FROM
Title: A Memory of Tomorrow
Keywords: experimental ambient art progressive United Kingdom
Label: Submarine Broadcasting Company

Being equipped with a bad memory is not all that handy, but when lovely music achieves to convey a memory of something that will happen tomorrow it is clear that things are becoming more easy. Now there are no worries about forgetting anything, as the events did not yet happen & yet we have a handy sneak preview! Giving us time to get accustomed to it all & Letting it all settle in ready to be stored in our beloved memory section of the mind like a engraver engraving a name in a wedding ring.

The music over here tells us that tomorrow will be one of those drowsy romantic days, one in which sweet mesmerising repetitive songs of singing are playing out on a intelligently calming flow of sentimental goodness. Tomorrow doesn’t sounds so bad, after all it’s a bit dubby, celebrated with the right reverb so all will beautifully ebb into the lovely nowadays, carefully balancing sentimentalism with a tiny bit of Enya antics to sail away within a flow of emotive emotions.

It’s a strange thing that this album delivers, as it’s almost like back to the future, but one in which the future is tomorrow and the adventure is one more balanced in some state of staying at home, doing an artist date with yourself, staying in bed a little bit longer, treating yourself with a late brunch while emotions are mesmerising it’s way around in a comforted self care system supplied by these future momentums of pleasant music.

Ones that make your pillows and blankets a little bit more softer, warmer and gentle. You bet your ass that tomorrow will be a ‘me’ day, as predictions simply suggest that we stay warm and safe while warmly sipping on a cup filled with emotion. ‘A memory of tomorrow’ simply touches and settles easily in your heart where It lovingly whispers the prospect that tomorrow will be a day off. Now we can relax, chill and abandon stress without looking in the fortune’s teller bowl of plausible predictions!

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