Tape Deck – One false Step

Artist: Tape Deck
Title: One false Step
Keywords: experimental rock pop punk Memphis

With its beautiful artwork its hard to resist checking out this EP by Tape Deck, I tried it for a bit, but resistance was futile! I was glad to give in and place the stubborn me in the closet again & let the complex flamboyant lover of music out and about in the sound of One False Step. Not that the music was absolutely catered for my taste, but it’s always a pleasure to push yourself and satisfy your curiosities!

So I’ll be crucially honest and tell you from my humble (cough cough) perspective what I had found. Not that my opinion is worth a dime, but who knows it might lead the way to bags of money! Anyway, this EP by Tape Deck is a happy bunch at first and last sight, one that honestly felt as if the cast of Sesame Street had their eye sight on friendly pop punk, packed with nursery rhymes and a positive attitude with the energy that you would normally spot by free spirited children. There is singing, there is rattling on the guitar, keys, bass and drums, enough to form a quirky sound that quickly passes by like an excellent planned scene in a successful kids show. A thing that seems to stick throughout the entire release.

The music goes on with Sway, a honky plonk tune which easily plunges into this feel and vibe too. This time it comes across more as if the children are gathered around to be thought or simply perform a funny dance. Heads spinning around, eyes closed, arms going up and down and swaying around. The muppet show choir that pops up is a nice extra that the youngsters will love. It also includes an epic grandiose ending that most musicians that always opt for fade outs will be very jealous off!

‘I’m going to survive till the next disaster’ is what Tape Deck is singing in The reminder. I can’t get the idea out of my head that this is all performed by muppets, whether it’s Sesame Street or the muppets show.. it got some catchy hooks and nice background vocals and I could imagine a school yard full of children jumping up and down when a smart head teacher invited this band to perform in the school’s own playground. Even though the lyrics (and the hero covering the artwork?) might not be completely suitable for children, the way it’s sounding and the whole ‘hello kids’ vibe of it all seems to be simply made for it!

With ‘telescope’ you might think that the kids now get some kind of lesson in space exploration, triggering their imagination for the adventure of space exploration, but if my ears heard it well it’s actually about drinking too much that someone needs a telescope to see how far wasted the writer of the song is. it got that energy that again feels as if it’s meant to be rocking out on a kids show, perhaps this one could be for preteens in some kind of science program in which they explain about space, particles, distances and highs and lows.

Throughout listening to this EP I simply can’t get the muppets out of my head, nor the children’s TV show opportunities. Maybe things could be turned into a theatre rock show for youngsters, with some little changes here and there; no cigarettes of booze references… But yeah I can clearly see a golden future for Tape Deck if they tuned their tunes to a happy audience of happy-go-lucky kids, preteens, teens and young adults alike; they would be tremendously popular even without getting a puppet player into the band! But don’t do it, don’t change! Do not go where the cash richly flows; just do you and your thing as that’s what’s it all about! (A jokey hokey pokey reference!)

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