The Hunted Hare – Nocturne

Artist: The Hunted Hare
Title: Nocturne
Keywords: experimental new classical contemporary classical Washington
Label: Verses Records

It might be strange to you, but Verses Records might be one of the life saving labels out there. At those crucial moments when you are about to lose your sanity, you can always count on the music on this label (no matter which release you choose) to become your safe haven, your zone in which you can pull yourself back, nicely out of the crazed society that has been doing its best to drive you into insanity, ready to feed you delightful peace, comfort and homeliness. Verses records is like the safety net for all those lost individuals that are in need of a break from the techno paranoia, the harsh noise bin bags cults of personalities or the Carnaval pop of experimental kookiness.

One of the acts on this important Verses label, one named The Hunted Hare is back and is doing exactly what fans and followers of this brand are loving to hear. Another case of music to be hiding under, to close your eyes with and feel safely tucked away in. In fact The Hunted Hare is as beautiful as ever, walking around like a dwelling dweller from left to right and right to left. Songs without words, ones of wonderful sorrow, kind hope and positivism that wobble delicately in the elegant woods of happy-go-luckiness. We think of a person we have never met with the name Matilda thanks to The Hunted Hare attaching her name to a work that feels musically like a mesmerising ode of emotions strong enough to attempt to open a bottle of booze for. The music elegantly strums in between fondness, memorable memories and slight tear jerking mellowness.

Eleanor also comes up in the shape of a track by The Hunted Hare, here it’s more bright, full of love and mystique wordless poetry, telling all an story of emotion while simply dancing in the field in which the grass is green from will gill guitar music. You just feel light in your feet while hopping through it, not as light as a walk on the moon, but more as if we are in a fairytale in which we can hear someone sing (without the actual singing) from a tower, so entrancing that it makes us grow flowers in our hearts.

Another name, this time it’s ‘Margaret’ that passes the revue in the world of The hunted Hare, this person gets played out through a certain elegance, something that comes across as ancient, one that comes from a minstrel in the Middle Ages that romantically plays its stringed instrument under a delighted apple tree on a dreamy midsummer’s day. Or that is simply how ‘Margaret’ is coming across.

The Hunted Hare follows this with wonderful music corresponding to the album’s title. It’s obviously severely beautiful, one that melodically is full of lovely sparkles, with a generous feeling of ‘all is good and all is happily peaceful’ as if The Hunted Hare has declared that we are all on the good path, one in which the music is there for us, being the sun if we needed it, or the moon if we prefer to hang out in the night.

Honey Bee is a lovely nickname for someone that The Hunted Hare loves, but also as a music composition it goes in like a wonderful bit of mellow melodies, flying around gently, sweet as honey and kindly buzzing with each string of love. It’s as if nectar has been attached to the finger prints of The Hunted Hare and nature simply approves the kind gentleness that this sweet music seems to present so delightfully. It’s so nice, it makes me feel like there needs to be a dance, a ball just like in the golden days in which we dance with our prince or princess of dreams and loses our shoe somewhere along the process.

The Hunted Hare goes on with celebrating ‘Fathers’ in a daddy-like sound that feels like a warm, yet distant relationship of pure longing and belonging. No idea if that makes any sensible sense, but hey that’s what I’m hearing. Maybe it’s time to go into therapy? Next to hearing ‘that’ I also hear wonderfully done music, things that leave nothing to complain or nag about; a theme that goes throughout this pretty listening album created by this Hare that is probably Hunted for its musical talents.

If not that it might be for its skills to befriend and celebrate ‘strange angels’, a thing that The Hunted Hare does so well that you quickly believe that seeing angels isn’t already a strange thing on its very own. The ones that The Hunted Hare places on a nice pedestal here are cool and warm, like pleasant flying goths that hand around the beautiful church gardens in broad daylight! How delightfully strange and yet so confident!

The last part of this tour of music by The Black Hare is also the one that sticks in the head the most, one that goes in with the energy of a finger going up and down on a table; which could be the ideal video clip for this event. Coincidentally the music piece is called ‘black finger’ so it’s fairly obvious that the finger in the potential video clip should be black, otherwise it would simply be a bit weird. The music itself is severely catchy in a magical way, wobbling itself around like a baby in a wobbly chair; it’s kind and pleasant and hooks into the memory department which makes it the bit of material that you will hum or sing while the actual music has already long gone! The Hunted Hare and Verses Records make a good pair that never disappoints! They kept me sane and safe in a world of the far opposite & by all means if they can do that for me, they will probably do that for you too! Hunt that Hare down if you enjoy pleasant music is what I’d reckon:

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