Various Artists – house of cake – Secret Slice

artists: Various Artists
title: Secret Slice
keywords: experimental ambient dark ambient noise vaporwave Easley
label: Houdini Mansions

In need for a trip? You would like to feel temporarily insane? You are in luck!

I remember enjoying a secret slice of delicious audio cake, kindly offered to us by the kind hearted Houdini Mansions. I swear that I’ve written a massive review about it, but where it has gone is as good as a mystery. It might have been written by hand on a piece of paper, although more common would be that it was a digital one somewhere. But somehow it is untraceable, disappeared without leaving a trace or a hint where this piece of glamorous writing had gone. It might have been the victim of a magic trick that had turned out to be one that was executed in a way that it was too good! Thank Goth, it was just a review and not some nice assistant that had been lost somewhere in the middle of the circus show.

Now (what feels like) years further down the road, Houdini Mansions has made the secret cake not so secretive anymore, as if by reversed magic it had made the hidden bonus release not invisible anymore! Now it felt that it was the right time to eat this cake again and simply write a new report about it, publish it as quick as possible, just in time before it might magically be vaporized into thin air again! If you read this; it probably worked out well!

The secret slice consists of two lengthy works made out of the contributions of a nice crowd of artists. For the first one it’s Arvo Zylo, Qualchan, Papa Manzano & Anxious Houseguest to be the ingredients of this cake. Upon first bite it has that spectecular feel and vibe of a cartoon style character blowing its own horn of fun. Followed by the constructive energy of something that has that rolling pulse of an army marching band, mixed with a well oiled train that goes towards an unstoppable destination & some fresh watery bits that is there to deliver the cake’s moist. It’s as exciting as it is described here, but definitely much wilder and pleasanter to hear with your ears than having to imagine it while reading these words over here.

The ambience of this part of the slice is nicely warm, seducing in psychedelic mass; as if the cake had been secretly laced with some hallucinative inducing ingredients: and let this be clear: I’m not complaining and neither will you. Slowly the cake will become more mushy, like a muddy excellence that could only be compared to stepping deliberately into a swamp to lick poisonous frogs their tummies.

Once this is out of the way, we could witness being slimed upon, while somehow hearing big sounding locks of jail doors closing into us: that might be a bit of a terrifying bite of the cake, but somehow this part of the trip is actually the one that we probably learn the most from, the one that we go into the true DMT zone to meet a gigantic toad that speaks to us in its own toad language that we somehow now could understand and follow.

Trust me, the second slice of the secretive cake is just as psychedelic and intense as the first one, made out of sounds and creations by Sceptre Fretpen, Papa Manzano, Petridisch, Michael Depp& even Even Wolves it comes to no surprise that it immediately intimidates nicely with a palette of tripped out mellowness, a floating repetitive melody that seems to fly around as if it is a butterfly with giant wings that loves to flap them around our cuckoo heads.

Slowly a rhythm is being rolled into the background, one that comes across as if it is made out of rumbling rumble, of cluttering clutter that had been delighted to be recycled into a nice piece of magical cake; a space cake filled with stuff that would make you question reality as it had always been before you ever heard of Houdini Mansions and it’s houses of cake.

Than the music opens up for something that really felt memorable from my first intakes of this secretive cake, from when they had still been hiding out of plain sight and I wrote such an easy and incredibly review that now is nowhere to be seen again. It is okay, the tension here is like a cartoon halloween episode, one in which we are invited to bite through a fantasy house made out of pancakes with a hungry witch inside. The dramatic tones and thrilling bits over here make way for an audio play that is more calm, slowly unarming our taste butts with a moment of clarity, of relief to finally reach our destination. Of the revelation that the incredible maddening psychedelic hypnotic effects of these two slices of audio cakes had come to an end & we have nothing to blame for this temporary insaneness of the mind other than pure music…

pfew, I swear to be 300 percent sober, but these two slices made me go out of my head and beyond! Not so sure they should be so openly exposed like this on the internet, what if small underaged children start to listen to this material and flip out because of this insane trip that they instantly provide? It’s pure drugs this cake… which actually might make me think that I possibly ate the previously written review, just out of paranoia that someone might call the doctors from the nearest lunatic asylum and take me away… Or perhaps out of protection for all you out there who don’t expect to fall into a druggy trip by just casually tuning into ‘some’ music… Let’s say you have been warned; these hidden slices are mind altering drugs in audio form!

If you are free and don’t mind to become temporarily tripped out or insane, than this might be your ‘high’ for the day (or night)… but be aware,as it is strong stuff!

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