Søren Høi – Musha Shugyo

Artist: Søren Høi
Title: Musha Shugyo
Keywords: experimental metal electroacoustic improvisation noise noise rock Copenhagen

We know that for most people the Monday is the hardest day of the week, but we have a cure that will definitely get you through it. It is of course this album of loudness, of noise and breaks, of deafening sounds and rambling bombastic fantasticalness that will give way to your inner fantasies of shredding your annoying colleagues on the work floor within the realm of the audio. No one gets hurt, but oh it will be so satisfying! No more voices of them will penetrate your skull as long as you have tucked your head into here into this fanatical sounding experimental cases of what I’d call ‘happy noise’.

There is no darkness here, no bad ego or nightmare material (not for you at least!) as it would be the ideal soundtrack to imagine the annoyances of the Monday delightfully being wiped out through these wild tracks that happily poke your spot of imagination. If you work in a boring factory doing repetitive things – you will easily imagine the entire machinery going up in smoke. If you are stuck with a bunch of annoying colleagues at some desk it will be easy to see them dangling upside down from a six floor window; these experimental noisy works have this potency to serve you all these kind of special satisfying fantasy moments that might play out all in your head, but just needed that soundtrack to really push your imagination into the right direction.

It’s easy to imagine your worst enemies being tucked into a shredder while listening to Tetsuo, or those annoyances being lobotomised through electrodes, chopped in half with the help of a electric chainsaw, being flattened by a freak accident that seems to be very satisfying to witness in the realm of your own head. It’s easy to imagine an entire team of mad boxers accidentally mistaken the bossy bosses of today as boxing balls when this noise is playing and doing its thing. It might be dangerous to hear with the thought police of the future around, but as long as technology isn’t invading yet; it is safe to say that all these images that thanks to these tracks are thrown into our heads are psychopathic and sick, but they are all oh so satisfying & in the end it’s just in our heads so all the poor colleagues, bosses and perhaps even employees that are on your nerves today will be helped too; you won’t go berserk throwing your frustration at them, plus you might actually become in a generous good mood towards them. I mean why would you not laugh or smile when an annoying colleague wants to borrow a pen of yours while you just visually saw this person being tossed upside down in the nearest toilet bowl?

It’s harmless good fun when it’s all done with this mind triggering music, in combo with the crazy world that happens within your own head. These noises are fun and funny, even nice at times. Sometimes it’s simply killing them with kindness. Bonus points go to the wonderful artwork, which also functions as the perfect camouflage for when a colleague walks by while wandering why you have this odd looking smirk on your face. Nobody would expect that behind this ‘fish’ you are catered 1000 ways of wiping out the annoyances of the day. Wether it is loudness, fun or rather a chilled out case of drowning noise that liquidises its enemies slow and softly; it’s guaranteed a mystery for anyone that can’t hear what you will hear with this wonderful artwork as its cover.

Wether you are in need for loud breaks, noisy industrial, distorted ramblings, happy making cuckoo material, chilled out tournaments, hammers being hammered, beatings being beaten or any other elaborate extravagant joyful noises; this album does the trick! The Monday will be brightly lid thanks to this, so when times get tough and you almost can’t handle reality anymore; put this on your head and feel instant gratification! You will get through it!

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