The YEAH I KNOW IT SUCKS Podcast – volume 1

Oh my goodness! Our amazing Johan Nederpel had an excellent idea; a yikis Podcast. It has nothing to do with smoking pot or a cast, or maybe in some way it does.. in any case when he was ill the sucker KN wanted to surprise him and tadaa: the Podcast has been born! It’s gender neutral and for sure is a true beauty!

For this episode we are simply testing out the water, dipping our intoxicated toes in a world of all over the place music that
we have recently covered, discovered or perhaps are soon to discover!

This one is dipped in songs, folklore, singing voices, sniffs of punk, pleasant bit of rain, some cat on a electric pole and even the right amount of alien sounds; a nice get together and surprisingly listenable! Oh gosh, no need to brag but We have excellent taste! And you are invited to swim in it, because we love you!

here is the playlist for this first testing out episode, along with some links regarding their presence on our humble blog! please do check out the artists and their music as that’s what matters most!

Pancake Promises – Start-Up

YIKIS music Review:

Furchick – Eating fish and chips with Kate at the beach

YIKIS music Review:

YIKIS Furchick interview:

Rita Braga – lalala

YIKIS music Review:

some sneaked in (toxic chicken – friendly friends)

Atsuko Kamura – Cave 洞窟

YIKIS music Review:

Jodie Lowther – the cat collects

YIKIS music Review:

boycalledcrow – Birds

YIKIS music Review:

Djanan Turan & The Egg – Feels Right

YIKIS music Review:

YIKIS Interview with Djanan Turan:

Sarah Schonert – Penguin Party

YIKIS music Review:

tujuh kuda – Avenue Road

YIKIS music Review:

Naked Sweatshop – Energy Break

YIKIS music Review:

de YanKees – Yodelodelo

YIKIS Live gig review:

Bloom de Wilde – Soul Siren

YIKIS music Review:

YIKIS Interview with Bloom de Wilde:

origami repetika – mighty lilbumble bee

YIKIS music Review:

Pettaluck – Beer and Coffee

YIKIS music Review:

YIKIS Interview with Pettaluck:


YIKIS music Review:

YIKIS Interview with the Bordellos:

Total E.T. – S-P-C – Pt.1

YIKIS interview with the alien sound producer:

Charmaine Lee – CHUK

YIKIS music Review:

Jude Cowan Montague – Cat on a Power Line

Kevin Busby – Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin – Bright Light City (Cars and Monorails mix)

YIKIS music Review:

SIKSA – Odpowiedzialno�›ć II (G.Y.L.)

YIKIS music Review:

YIKIS interview with Siksa:

More info and other interesting bits: oh… that’s here! Amazing!


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2 Responses to The YEAH I KNOW IT SUCKS Podcast – volume 1

  1. Linda says:

    The missing link of YIKIS we have all been waiting for! Without knowing. But now it is there and it is like it has been there forever. Ofcourse! Naturally! Fluent flow of blabla and music yet not on the screen, it goes straight in the ears! With a deja-vu feel to the blabla 😉
    Like opening a can of condensed milk, the sweet delicousness of having too much at once and yet it is edible and you know you need it. ❤ ❤ looking forward to the next episode!

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