The YEAH I KNOW IT SUCKS Podcast – volume 2


Oh my cuckooness! There goes the initial plan to make the YIKIS podcast into some kind of a monthly thing!
not even 7 days have passed and your host KN of the previous episode has already jumped on the bandwagon to mix and match another one!

Meanwhile Johan Nederpel is working on a Harh Noise Wall episode, probably hitting the ears around Halloween (or after – for extra spookiness!)
But for now, it is fair to say that we have a very adventurous miraculous mix of good tasting music over here. A great adventure in which you might aswell expect the unexpected!

Material from all over the globe, all kind of styles and attitudes, colorfully blended together for an excellent listen & hopefully a great tool to discover things you havent had discovered before! music and sound things we mean… but perhaps, indeed entire solar systems… who knows?

The YIKIS podcast simply helps to give rest to the owners of lazy eyes & feed the hungry ears with  music that our humble blog has to offer or might be offering in the future!.
In fact even the illiterates among us can now make good use of our services, how incredible and great! In any case (even if you have great eyes and no trouble reading!) here is a excellent mix of incredible music:

Here is the playlist, it’s a busy one! (p.s. make good use of the kinky links for a full on feast!)

Satanique Samba trio – Badtriptronics

YIKIS music Review:


YIKIS music review:

Elizabeth Joan Kelly – Unusual Capsule

YIKIS music review:

Void Vertex – Thigh High Boots

YIKIS music review:

Søren Høi – Stray Automation – Stray Automation

YIKIS music review:

samarobryn – The Sentry Watches

YIKIS music review:

Dr. Something – Gateway Transit Center Leads to Harder Transit

YIKIS music review:

agnes pe – sangrienta

YIKIS music review:

HuorrouH – (bullshit machine)

YIKIS music review:

Logosamphia – KUBAN, STORY OF A TEENAGE bitcoin

YIKIS music review:

The Caring Babies – Supermarket

YIKIS artist interview

The Doll – Lean

YIKIS music review:

Avs Silvester – Conf t

YIKIS music review:

Severino Pfifferling – Ablaufpumpe

YIKIS music review:

amby downs – jidda

YIKIS music review:

Furchick – Magpies in Bridgetown

YIKIS music review:

Bloom de Wilde – Rock Plant Animal

Sarah Schonert – Formular

YIKIS music review:

Fungus Wand – Mulch Transport

YIKIS music review:

The Hunted Hare – Eleanor

YIKIS music review:

Klangschwester with Trixie Delight sleep

Petridisch – Aria 03

YIKIS music review:

Pancake Promises – Coathanger

YIKIS music review:

Yes… YES! That was enormous! But absolutely perfect!
No wonder KN couldn’t resist making another one..
Hope it will make you want to check out all these artists (or at least some of them)
and give them your love and support by playing them as much as possible!

For more music and other wordly reviews please do visit to
which is… here! Oh, you are amazing! Always at the right place at the right time! Congratulations to yourself!
p.s. we love you!

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