Goldfeather – Alone Again EP

Artist: Goldfeather
Title: Alone Again EP
Keywords: folk alternative ambient bluegrass electronic indie remix synthesizer New York
Words by: James Blond

My name is Blond. James Blond. My friends call me zero zero seven eleven but that’s not the point. I’m here to tell you about my mission to infiltrate into the criminally master activities of Goldfeather on behalf on misses M of the secret service, a service that is so secret that their employees have to claim social benefits and often visit the job centre just in order to not blow it’s cover.

This was a short but turbulent infiltration. I pretended to be a lover of interesting music, golden voices and twirly happy go lucky attitudes, vocal harmonics and upbeat electroacoustics with a great poppy attitude. And guess what? Goldfeather opened the door, did not ask any questions at all, instead I got a warm welcome in which the mission’s target was showing me around in the sunny mansion in which the secret dangerous weapon was doing its test run all through the space. It was a sonic weapon in the shape of a song, very right and happy sounding, but as a trained spy I immediately knew that this was serious and important business. Goldfeather had no clue of my undercover skills as in full ordeal and with a firm amount of passion it happened: Goldfeather started to sing, while happily tiptoeing through the mansion that was big enough to have the entire sun kidnapped.

Happy half naked butlers offered me dubiously good looking glasses of champagne that I had to drink in order not to be suspicious. My eyes followed Goldfeather while dancing on the happy music that was filled with her vocal abilities. I believe that Goldfeather sang something like ‘I’m alone again’ in the most happiest shape and form that my ears had ever heard… but the room started to twirl and my eye sight became more and more blurry… words started to become weird, the song was being pulled out of proportion, things didn’t make much sense anymore as the obvious blend of champagne had been doing odd trickery with the dangerous song. And when Goldfeather sang louder than ever an whole lots of ‘ALONE AGAINs’ on repeat & melodies got interwoven with either forced drunkenness or perhaps a slight case of being unawarely poisoned through audio waves; but the secret weapon of pop music simply made me tumble towards the ground.

In my head I sang ‘I’m alone again’ multiple times as I passed out in Goldfeather’s mansion. When I opened my eyes again, I was superglued to a massive rocket. I could turn my head just enough to see the name ‘shiny things studio’ on it… there was Goldfeather again to catch my eye. She said that she knew who I was and where I was working for and that it was time for her secret bonus mix to end my sanity. Terrified as I was I tried my best to untie myself from the ropey ordeal, slightly wiggling around begging Goldfeather for mercy… one of the half naked butlers somehow ran to the launch button, gave me a secret wink that only secret agents would know about, pressed the button and before the sonic song could mark me forever I flew with rocket and all into space… there I was… all alone again… sending you this message through my secretive spy equipment!

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