Rene Kita – Oooooooooppeeeraaaaaaa!

Artist: Rene Kita
Title: Oooooooooppeeeraaaaaaa!
Keywords: experimental ambient avant-garde dark ambient drone finland ghosts opera psychedelic turku varissuo Finland
Label: Magma Tones


Rene Kita, the only Rene that I know with so many faces that it’s hard to chose the one that you like the most. For the people who aren’t aware of what I’m talking about, please go check his site and see his art. It’s faces and faces and even more faces! But also music wise Rene Kita has many faces, the ones that are absolutely mad and bonkers, but also the kind that we have over here within Oooooooooppeeeraaaaaaa.

The phase of faces over here might be also filled with faces, but they do feel less schizo than the usual cuckoo material featured over here by this artist. It’s more a stable bunch of mirrors whose reflections are singing back at us. Ghostly appearances that pull those legendary ‘the scream’ mouths as they silently ebb away in the corridors of the imagination.

It’s not scary or unpleasant but does walk that fine line between it all. It makes me think of the renaissance, of royalty twirling around in hallways of ginormous and probably kinda pretentious looking palaces. It’s all good though, wonderfully crafted with many eyes on the details and lots of characters floating around. With the right light it could be played at Halloween, or at a holy happening at the louvre. Combine these two and you will be in for a multi faced madness most Devine when you play it at any other possibility! Welcome to the oooooooooppeeeraaaaaaa!

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