Alan Morse‬ Davies & Seffi Starshine – Nightmare on Drone Mountain

artists: ‪Alan Morse‬ Davies & Seffi Starshine
title: Nightmare on Drone Mountain
keywords:  electronic ambient dark ambient drone drone ambient halloween horror vaporambient vapordrone vaporwave witchwave Portland
label: Girly Girl Musik

I do not often arrive on Drone Mountain, but when I do; it’s been a bit of a nightmare. Just the trip to arrive there on the Drone Mountain is just so dangerous, it also doesn’t help to have a fear for heights. No climbing skills is also a bit of the problem, but still the trip is pretty much worth the nightmare. I mean once you have arrived, took all the possible right steps on top of this wonderful mountain you will be greeted by the view, the wonderful sight that will flow in through both your ears and get visualized behind your third eye.

It’s an enigmatic Drone Mountain, very big and bold, dooming away while standing fit and firm in the dubious mist of sheer mystery. Things are fresh over here, you can smell it in your nose, making the hairs within it sparkle like a cold winter day. Here we can find some peace, after all we have come so far, conquered our biggest fears and are now on top of the highest atmospheres!

Before you could give credits to mother nature for all that is this beautiful, I would like to personally make you aware that Drone Mountain isn’t a natural shaped thing by mother nature, but build out of the cooperative visions of two wonderful charismatic individuals. They are known in the underground and upper-ground circles as ‪Alan Morse‬ Davies & Seffi Starshine and together they have been solidly responsible for this wonderful Drone Mountain and the equivalent nightmarish journey towards it.

However, for some the Drone Mountain itself, covered in its mystique mists and cold fogginess might be something of a envisioned nightmare too; for me it comes across as something to feel at home in. It’s a lonely place perhaps, one in which no troops of tourists will be seen or heard, just sniffs of air, high leveled landscapes and an sense of depth that makes you feel as if you are standing on top of the world.
As a sound lover and someone who might be considered a loner, this place here, high on top of this wonderful Drone Mountain feels like the place that I feel at home in. It’s the zone in which nobody is watching you, a safety spot in which you can be free, alone with your thoughts and perhaps take the time to take a good look at yourself , meditate or just enjoy the impressive view that this Drone Mountain has to offer.

I thank both creators of this place, as thanks to them I can be at ease, solidly confined in a beautiful safe space for a good moment of pure zen and self-reflection. Nightmare? It’s heaven without the over population!


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