Elizabeth Joan Kelly – Farewell, Doomed Planet!

artist: Elizabeth Joan Kelly
title: Farewell, Doomed Planet
keywords: experimental idm ambient classical collage dark ambient dark neoclassical darkwave dream pop drone electronic heavenly voices instrumental noise noise pop synthwave New Orleans

Wherever the music of Elizabeth Joan Kelly pops up, I’m assured that it will always stand out between the works of all others that it had been surrounded by. Her production skills are pretty top notch, making each and every track that i’ve laid my ears on just as much a joy to hear on the headphones or on a pair of classy sounding speakers. With full anticipation I was happily informed about her new album “Farewell, Doomed Planet!” which might sound like a dramatic title, not one that will probably contains anything to be all cheery about, but it did make me happy and excited. Just because it felt that this themed eco-doomsday horror soundtrack of an album had turned Elizabeth Joan Kelly’s producer qualities even some notch up!

You can easily hear that there had been tremendously amounts of time spent on these tracks, and if that is not the case than we might speak of some kind of miraculous production as it truly sounds like that. Lots of details, progressions, effects, plenty of layers and a serious amount of great sounding audio quality. And then i did not even talk about the actual music itself… It’s just that I’m very happy to hear her works as they are so futuristic and well executed that it somehow sets the norm of music standards a bit higher for all of us. Feeding any possible music creator in the electronica alternative pop field with a hunger to do a better job, to push ourselves to the very limits or simply sit up and listen well while taking notes of how awesomeness is created. Yeah, yeah.. I know a lot of praises indeed, plenty of feathers and compliments to send this artist’s way, but it is true though…

There is plenty of good stuff around, but whenever Elizabeth Joan Kelly’s music rolls in the other good stuff have a really hard job to stand next to it without looking slightly pale in comparison. But let’s move away from putting Elizabeth Joan Kelly on a cloud in the sky, as too much praise will become a burden for future creations, putting a lot of pressure on an artists that has to live up to the awesomeness from her last praised works…

Did I say something about “harm” the first track on this album already? Probably not… too busy praising! But that’s a great opening, one that showcases how an opener can set an entire mood, showing her sound skills, her humbling vocal of sadness and care on top of tones that will set a scene of doom but also hope in the process. Things gets warm as if Elizabeth Joan Kelly is the one survivor of the planet, hugging herself while duetting with the alien hallucinations that elevate her in the sky. There she will get accepted by science fiction figures that will make you dance and groove on a pallet of tribal industrialism in which she sings through variated filters. Things get fairly positive over here, even though the earth might be destroyed by now, Elizabeth Joan Kelly seems to make the most out of it, feeling some kind of relief and freedom along the way. She tosses bombastic beats around, vibrating the space with bass and glitchiness that reminds us of a spaceship that gets broken down, leaving her somewhere stranded on a dreamy new planet far, far away from here.

There it is as if Elizabeth Joan Kelly has found heaven, a peaceful serene world in which clones of herself are floating around as wonderful weightless mermaids, singing in howling forms over an underlying melodic vibrantness that feels sweet, surreal and at the same time dramatically beautiful. More goodness will follow in the shape of a very pleasant and warm sounding drone that keeps that high quality mixing more busy than most of the ambient pleasantries out there. She simply seems to let all these wonderful tones flow into each other as if it is a case of easy peasyness, creating a wonderful moment of relaxation that (I’m sure) aliens (and us listeners) will be most pleased about! No wonder that Elizabeth Joan Kelly had been giving the okay to departure to another habitable space, one that she will fly towards in all gracefulness and accept the new place as her very own, decorating it with her voice that somehow achieved operatic tendencies to create something in which she could start the process of mourning about earth’s death. After this it is simply time to pick herself up, restarting a new pleasant life by cloning all that is left of humanity (which is Elizabeth Joan Kelly herself) and creating a wonderful new earth from scratch with love, dedication and a super power in which we all should belief in! Farewell doomed planet & hello wonderful new one!

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