The YIKIS harsh noise /harsh noise wall nihil mix edition! Happy Halloween!

Ghosts, witches, ghouls and carved out pumpkins are nice and all that, but you know what’s really scary? This terrible terrifying unlistenable mix of painful harsh noise & harsh noise walls collected and so skilfully deejayed into eachother by Johan Nederpel. Creepy as hell, ear wrecking your head, tormenting any possible listener with a gruesome vile nihilism that haters will probably enjoy a lot!

It will be the guaranteed soundtrack that will let annoying trick or treaters skip your house this Halloween, in fact it might make you want to leave your own house as well! It might be the thing that can get you evicted or be the trigger to start arguments with the neighbors about! If you play it loud enough people might avoid you like the plague! That’s what this is! It sucks so hard and so badly that it’s as if we shoot in our own foot, pissing off our followers by providing the instant reason for an terrible case of vomiting headache!

Expect terrifying loudness, irritation and unfriendliness. We might assume that deejay and host Johan Nederpel is giving lots of informative talks between these tracks but the ‘music’ is just too loud to hear any of it! Resulting in a episode that comes across as a nonstop monstrous mix that would alienate our 15 podcast subscribers and bring pleasure to all those special nutty masochists out there!

Happy Halloween everybody!

Playlist (just in case you like what you hear and want to hear more!)

01 – Stilnox – untitled02
00:20 – 02:00

02 – Zaqqum – Zaqqum
02:00 – 03:58

03:58 – 07:44

04 – SURFDRONE – Track #1 (24-09-2017)
07:44 – 14:58

05 – Galgebroed – Virulent
14:58 – 15:56

06 – Goralenvolk – Koronka do milosierdzia bozego -jak bylem maly odmawialem codziennie rózaniec w intencji dzieci, których matki nosily sie z zamiarem
Not yet reviewed
15:56 – 20:37

07 – Eurydyka – f
Not yet reviewed
20:37 – 25:37

08 – Sea of Poppies – Untitled
25:37 – 31:45

09 – Closer Bones – Old System (featuring Poète Maudit)
31:45 – 38:22

10 – Suicide Kicked In – Hung Out To Dry Part3 (Ichtyor Tides Sqligre Forthein Remix)
38:22 – 45:22

11 – Failure – Untitled
45:22 – 48:51

12 – Vulthoom – The many faces of the void
45:51 – 54:48

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