Montague Armstrong – Hammond Hits

Artist: Montague Armstrong
Title: Hammond Hits
Keywords: experimental linear obsessional matt armstrong easy listening experimental electronic hammond organ improv improvised music jude cowan montague lounge minimal minimalist tunes United Kingdom
Label: Linear Obsessional

Hello! How are you feeling today? Need some cheering up? A little boost pushing you in a pleasant vibe? Well, we got the thing for you!

For a jolly goodness mood of instant happiness you might immediately want to jump into the joyful tunes that Hammond Hits by Montague Armstrong has to offer. Once you click the play button, you will turn into a happy swinging seventies persona, colourfully wiggling your buttocks and arms on a sea of beloved flower power.

The authentic Hammond sound is simply enough reason to be happy and smiley on its own, but when played so vibrant and as energetically joyous as done here by Montague Armstrong, it’s simply gone towards the next level. Not just throwing us back in time with a passionate flow of cheerful hippy nostalgia, but simply launching these happy-go-lucky vibes straight here and hopefully into the places far beyond the future.

Everyone will be happy thanks to Hammond Hits, all done in a good mood in which brewing pleasant vibes are melodically making you hop from one leg to another. It’s the kind of music that you should play when you need cheering up, or in fact to hear all the time, simply so there won’t be any cheering up to do as your heart will always be delighted with pure happiness.

The voice of reason sings here and there on top like a wordless mermaid with flowers in her hair, simply elevating the enlightened jubilant atmosphere into an irresistible glow of pure cheerfulness. Sadness isn’t allowed here, only merry delightfulness that the world (as we know it) must be so in need for! Music that is as vibrant as the personas that made it, clearly on a mission here to turn everyone who would hear it into a better person, one by one touching them with a friendly laugh full of glowing contentment!

Who doesn’t want to have a piece of this? Better tune in now, as that immediate smile upon your face for sure will look good on you dear reader! And if someone asks why the happiness? Please do pass them these Hammond Hits too, slowly making the earth a very fun and bright peaceful place!

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