Whettman Chelmets – Long Read Memories

Artist: Whettman Chelmets
Title: Long Read Memories
Keywords: experimental ambient dark ambient dreamscape drone modern classical noise shoegaze United States
Label: escape sounds

As if we crawled into a washing machine of memorable memories, we listened to Whettman Chelmets, one that within its own space of music legends seems to be larger than life, yet definitely comfortable cozy, humble, human and approachable. That’s how this album seems to come across. Just come in and start to tumble in sound. Lift yourself away from star allure and just let the music aim right at your head. Like those hybrid special gifted humans that can just look straight through you and read your thoughts, but than without the intimidation or the whole Hollywood weirdness.

Things of warmth flow by as if they are little clouds, soft words that bounce around in the circular motions of music. ‘Long read memories’ is what this artist had named this experience, probably referring to all the stored nostalgic memos that had been inserted as musical elemental emotions that form a cloudy session of ambient that tips it toes naturally in a genre of expert experimentalism. No animals seem to be harmed in the process! It feels like a natural process that leaves it up to the imagination of the listener to generate what it will see through these sounds. Will it be good times, loving moments or silly anecdote worthy ones?

It makes it one of those albums that might be very difficult for clowns like me to describe, but this also comes across as a positive thing to benefit from, as it gives plenty of reason to go in ‘blank’ without expectations, rules and regulations, just in order to absorb it all as it gets manifested. It sketches plenty of sceneries, probably all different for each listener, yet probably all coming across as strong willed to poke around in your head.

I can’t say anything about how you will experience it, what kind of memory flashbacks you will get when playing this album, but for sure it will bring up your own images of the past (unless you are a toddler perhaps) … to me personally there had been highlighting moments in which I got thrown back to early child hood, a time in which a puffed up potato was smoking a cigarette while watching reruns of captain James T Kirk or perhaps that one with the other captain, the next generation one… jean luke Picard?

it just got triggered by a certain sound that reminded me of those doors opening and closing at the enterprise ship, a certain whoosh that took me down memory lane as the music simply continued to force-fed more memories of things that I could not possible had witnessed before, like for example the first landing on the moon by some patriotic Americans who couldn’t wait to disrespectfully poke it with a flag; oh humanity, you have so much to learn! Cough cough…

At one point the music took me into a farmers shed in which all animals had been vast asleep, I could hear the night and a soft hum of low working generators in the background. A little bit of pictures of trucks that drive backwards while having their alarming warning beeps on, some sniffs of weather that is wet and fresh but also a certain sense of loneliness. I truly think everyone will probably experience this album and it’s picture making sounds in a very different and fairly personalised way, but that’s the beauty of it all. There is no straightforward narration meaning you can get your own creativity involved!

I had a moment of remembering the horrors of sleeping on a mattress invested with bed bugs, interlaced with the early eating sounds of unstoppable termites while listening to a track named ‘Steps to the Old Courthouse’ for example,which clearly indicates that Whettman Chelmets might have complete different pictures to see when he made this moment of memory-poking ambiance.

This all makes me very curious to what the hell you will see or remember , dearest reader. It makes me want to invite you to sit down and listen and tell me all the images that come to your mind as it plays. Just a bit like a shrink, psychiatrist or therapist would do but then without the blabla and just very pleasant audio as the main provocateur of memories. Check it out over here and see which memory lane this album will bring you towards:

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