3 in 1 ‘mini’ reviews about new music by Jack Alberson, Chris Lott & Wet Dentist!

Hello! Earlier on today, I had in my head this formidable intro… a whole story about music, the commercial outlets, capitalists, climate change, fake news, sound effects, toilet words and I believe some important quotations about the royal family and their relation to bad taste in music… Unfortunately I forgot all about it. So without further nonsense here are three shorter reviews about some good sounding music that all had made its way to the internet, got swiftly bribed through our busy bouncers and obnoxious unpaid assistants! Amazing, isn’t it?

Artist: Jack Alberson
Title: Kaleidoscope EP4: Frequent Seas
Keywords: alternative gearpop indie rock industrial pop shoegaze synthpop Memphis

Jack Alberson’s Kaleidoscope EP4: Frequent Seas made me think of two things. Things that I like, like lo-fi sci-fi & underground alternative nineties clubbing in places that are filled with happy freaks dancing as if they are finally at home. You can imagine it perhaps; a freak at the door checks if you are freaky enough, you pay or go in for free (when indeed you look amazingly freaky!) and than be let in to find yourself in a red space with weirdoes and in the middle there is (apparently) Jack Alberson on stage, performing his hits like ‘dark passenger’ and ‘what do you want me to do’. His stale voice filling up the club, armed with lots of black eyeliner providing the righteous robotic goth moves to get the entire space in a jubilant sweaty mess. Jack Alberson shines as the synthpop star occupying the single spotlight while feeding the speakers only the best baselines for the normally alienated self expressive party goers to dance and move upon. Even if Jack doesn’t sing he knows what the audience needs in atmosphere and rhythm… he simply got it all to make the outsiders feel at home and this EP will be an instant teleportation to this alternative place, which makes it a good reason to visit it as much as possible:

Artist: Chris Lott
Titled: Olmec Quark
Keywords: experimental idiosyncratic literature prog pop New Orleans

In a funny land of bunnies, in which being slightly delirious seem to be the norm, this Chris Lott seems to have hung out a lot. You can hear it clearly as it’s long lasting effects can be all heard in the Olmec Quark album. Things hop around in odd spastic ways, tip toe easily in a world of quirkiness, jazzy funk and midi avant-garde, all the way to lo-fi pop weirdness. You have to like it in order to dig it, but if you do; this album is for you & certainly has a lot to offer. It gives you plenty of reasons to instantly create some weird dance moves that you won’t get thought in your popular dancing schools any time soon. Which at one hand is a shame and on the other hand feels like a big hooray for free expression! And if this prog-pop cuckooness isn’t your thing, this album will probably offer you the funniest soundtrack to run away from! A moment of speedy silly walks will be all that is needed!

Artist: Wet Dentist
Title: “Absurd Precariat” b/w “You Just Wait”
Keywords: art punk bethlehem electro electronic lehigh valley new wave creative commons darkwave synthpunk synthwave Bethlehem

A visit to the Wet Dentist might be a guaranteed guarantee that there will be no holes in your music collection, no rotten cavities or crooked bits of missing culture. But sometimes you might even come home with much more than you could have possible had asked for. No wonder that the Wet Dentist had been ghosting its clientele for quite a bit, as giving such quality treatments simply does suck the biggest do-gooder out at certain times. But now the Wet Dentist had opened its doors again and returned straight to business, providing the full options of care, service and hospitality on a format and style that most dentists would never dare to step feet upon. With alternative synthwave the Wet Dentist gets you down into the chair, opens your ears up wide enough to somehow see your teeth trough it.

Don’t worry the Wet Dentist does always use a heavy kind of painkiller, probably invented by the Wet dentist itself & probably made out of unthinkable things like biological carrots, a fine dose of delirium inducing absinthe and some very peculiar sound producing machines. As the Wet Dentist looks down, it sing talks in your ears like a last standing doomsday announcer, while a seesawing bass and absurd but sensational melodic music slowly drills, pokes and fulfils the greatest expectations that hang around this legendary dentistry. The two new treatments here are for sure staying in your head, as the Wet Dentist made them well, obviously very addictive, so once you get ‘done’ you still want to go back for a check up… perhaps exactly the same checkup multiple times a day!

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