Oariana – A Pear on the Wind

Artist: Oariana
Title: A Pear on the Wind
Keywords: experimental ambient drone electronic new age noise Washington
Label: Ingrown Records

From the beginning it was instantly as if we had become a ball in a very hectic tropical themed game within a pinball machine. Things would rattle & flicker as we shoot to score as much bonus points as possible. The one who must be playing this pinball game must be very good as we keep on spinning through bonus material, followed by extra bonus balls being launched into the game and those flippers holding most of them inside the machine for quite a while.

Somehow we as a ball in the pinball machine evolve into a ball in another pinball machine, this time it’s one not placed in a typical arcade, but now one that stands in heaven. You can hear that’s big winged angel has some quality pinball skills too, this highly spirited individual must have been a true pinball champion down on earth. So much so that the owner of heaven brought a machine like this upon these floaty clouds. As we flicker around I note down the name of this machine which was ‘Solid Seal’.

As if reincarnation for pinballs existed, we got transported into a mini pinball machine designed to entertain bored dogs at a dog shelter. They can clearly play it by hitting it with their saggy tails, licking it or even a bark would do the trick. Next level of our life as a pinball finds us rolling around in a game called ‘Brock’s new jacket’ this time it’s been playing by a finger savy funk player, who in pure concentration keeps us in the game through nerve wrecking trickiness with a certain flair of coolness that you would think someone like Miles Davis would have if he had been a professional pinball player.

Apparently the next pinball machine in which we are the ball is standing either on some weird place that defies the normal rules of gravity, or is hobbling around on the back of a slowly moving ship at sea. It feels quite drunk and has an added degree to predict wherever the ball will roll and at what tempo it might be.

Than we are in a cement pond. Not sure why we are here but it is nice for us to be able to escape the pinball machines environments for a bit as even though it might be a funny game, as a ball it might be some kind of a hefty hectic confinement too. I still feel we are rounded and probably still a shiny ball, but now we are suddenly left to roll around wherever we want. There is no wrong or right here, just a moment without the walls or the flippers that try to hit for keeping us in the game. It feels a bit more free!

To keep in a similar realm but one that gets a bit spitty and wet along the edges we seem to have to be reincarnated in a pinball world named Dew Palls. This must be some kind of futuristic place in which mud and nature had replaced the entire gaming style, leaving us rolling around on a lotus leaf in a pond!

There we might lay still and dream of a country side voice that seems to be sadly mumbling about a tree that unfortunately had come down. It’s a sad moment as the voice apparently really liked that tree…

Suddenly we got transported back in the game again, this time the pinball machine seems to be digital weather console themed. Lots of weather broadcasters are depicted and form the special audio effects for this pinball feast. It’s one that feels slightly more psychedelic and weird especially when we slip through the hole and gets a whole treatment of voices and electric laser freaky to accompany our humble defeat. But… somehow and by full surprise we get launched back into the game like a true bonus leap of faith! Here we fly through the machine like an untouchable well waxed shiny ball that doesn’t want to leave the game ever again. Invincible and up for as many bonus points that they might be able to catch! Even reaching the all beloved point in which multiple balls are shot back into the game for a final moment of happy gaming.

What can I say? Normally myself not a huge pinball player, but to experience the games as a solid pinball rolling around through various machines, it was quite the experience & thanks to ‘a pear on the wind’ it felt like a good time:

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