Almark – Opposite end of the Poles

Artist: Almark
Title: Opposite end of the Poles
Keywords: electronic abstract avant-garde cinamatic cut up ebm experimental left-field minimal Tulsa

If you came here to hear music for pole dancing dancers it is best to make a turn around, if you are here to read a bit of fluff about a nice cosmic ambient album to find some kind of inner reflection in… well uh welcome to you!

It’s been ages since we had our humble ears onto the musical works of Almark, to have had our pens on our notebooks in order to pen everything down like eager students that studied the Almark sound as if it was a professor of high interest. It dawns on me that Alex Spalding had done an interview with Almark back in the day, one that I had forgotten all about but now just remember and will soon add to our gracious list of interviews. You can still read it over here though:

Now what feels like many moons later we know that almark had evolved, he had setup a music making family in the shape of a label named Weatnu, which includes online radio and clearly a lot of love for the label’s artists. Our interview must by now be fairly dated; oh how time flies by so quickly. It seems that Almark and YIkIS had been hanging out on the opposite poles of the internet, clearly doing their own separate things that the gods wanted them to do, but now it is time for a slight collision again as Almark had send in a fine long player of an pleasant album that flew by just as smoothly as all those years of separation.

I can’t and see no real point in discussing each and every track on this album by Almark, not that it wouldn’t be possible as each and everyone of them has a fine ring of self identity to them, but just because every track would probably be described as loving floaters, warm or cool with an science fictional meditation flair, but always kind, a bit like what the sight of the northern lights are for the eyes but than in the shape of sound for the ears. There is rhythm, straight forward ticking around to accompany the electric wasteland of ambient music almark style.

There are twelve tracks of them, all supplying nice calm vibes to the ears, wether they provide field-recordings, rhythms or focus cheerful on that electric essence that Almark seems to have mastered here, they all seem to work together as one in order to create a soundtrack that should be included as an example of textbook based easy-listening. There are no massive obstacles here to distract you from your music journey, as all together they form a nice palette of humbleness and growth, something you would wish to hear at an expensive new age sound bath instead of the horrible nonmusical (people banging on gongs and little bowls?) these overpaid hipster schemes are normally loaded with.

Almark gives us the well needed album to relax, dream about the cosmos, find some sparkling inner peace and perhaps travel away with slight excitement that might be awaiting in those sweet lucid dreams generated by the tones of the ever so kind hearted artist. Once we swore to never write about any mark ever again, but as the years passed by I’m happy to bring this surprisingly nice and pleasantly welcoming album in your eye sight! Here have a listen, relax and enjoy the spacious flight between light, space and pretty stars:

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1 Response to Almark – Opposite end of the Poles

  1. Almark says:

    thank you for the wonderful review 🙂

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