First Kings – Eunuchs

Artist: First Kings
Title: Eunuchs
Keywords: experimental surrealism ambient crash dark ambient horror noise post-vaporwave vaporwave Easley
Label: Houdini Mansions

Those loyal eunuchs have always been a real asset to the life of others, but little is known of them for being helpful in the shape of friendly music makers. It is in fact mostly not a very much eunuch dominated world, but maybe these eunuchs will change it slowly but surely. Obviously not by making more eunuchs by attempting to mate with each other, but perhaps by showing the others out there that there is a place for them in music land? If you, by any change are a eunuch reading this; please listen up! It might be time for you to pick up an instrument and try out a fancy music career.

Thanks to this wonderful release on Houdini Mansions the fruitfulness of their lack of working testicles seems to be made up for by them delivering the most pretty tones of mellowness and merry melodies, along with ludicrously snapped fingers and pretty bubbly synthesiser galore that are so lovingly intriguing the ears in stylish perfection. Eunuchs simply seem to have a special thing for it, clearly they finally found their ultimate calling. Warm sparkling melodies that touches the realms of dreams, clearly unaffected by the kind of needs that non eunuchs are saddled up with

Somehow we might even think that being an eunuch in music land is actually a thing that is so beneficial to the creative output, so much so that it sounds like that they might experience a slight advantage as their minds are able to focus more on the sound and melodies instead of nonstop being forced to spend time and energy into releasing hormones like testosterone. You can hear their music as beloved star fields that are filling up the speakers as a good reason to happily listen and quietly trip away in.

Also an Eunuch seems to have a more florissant vocal tone, sounding kind hearted and smooth enough to become extremely one with the rest of the music. Which is to be fair, a skill that we haven’t witnessed through our very own eyes since forever, making it clear that we got something very special in our ears. Castration can be such a beautiful thing!

When a royal visit by Vinyl Dial comes in, The Eunuchs seem to carry the guest on their arms, showing signs of enormous strength without the frustrations and sexual list that a non eunuch would have. Distortion will fill up the air while melodic psychedelia keeps us on balance. The Eunuchs in their flaccid kingdom for sure seem to know how to showcase a better music world, meaning that it’s clear to the ears that there is a future out there for this community to flourish and shine as they had never shined of joy before!

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