Domingues and Kane – Rough Magick

Artist: Domingues and Kane
Title: Rough Magick
Keywords: experimental modern composition neoclassical viola da gamba Washington
Label: Verses Records

This wonderful brand new release coming out of the best corners from the Verses Recordings camp certainly fell down like a pleasant music adventure that instantly established itself as something that was pretty much special and golden. It made me believe that I was a happy queen sitting on my throne surrounded by two great musicians that had been there playing because they wanted to play, probably because they love doing what they do & loved doing it in my royal room because of it being equipped with the best sounding acoustics. Clearly the classically trained cellist and viola da gamba player Amy Domingues and multi-instrumentalist/composer Dennis Kane are here playing out of free will, as nothing comes across as rushed, stressful or enforced. The opposite seems to be at work over here, as these two are clearly not taking notice of my presence as the one with blue blood or perhaps knowing me well enough that I’m not like those snobby horrid queens that used to spread fear in the medieval times. (And still do today in some parts of the world…)

In those times it must have been very unpleasant to play gorgeous music as beautifully and elegantly confident as Domingues & Kane are doing over here. Just imagine the stressful atmosphere as non-music making royals would hear musicians doing their thing in their luxuriously ballrooms and grand mirror halls. Any ‘wrong’ misunderstood note, or any stroke that such a king or queen could not comprehend music-wise might have had disastrous consequences for these wonderfully skilled musicians. Even if they played most beautifully, there still might be a chance of doing it in the wrong moment in time, letting the heads of musicians voluminously roll around executioners feet as if they had been ripe apples falling out of a tree, clearly seen as great entertainment for the obnoxious elites from those times.

But luckily here in this day and age the knowledge among these two musicians of knowing that there is no risk of ending up lifeless, simply seems to have illuminated the horrid tension of performing in a strange distressed & scared state. The stress of ending up as dog food for the royal guard dogs simply had been tossed out of the window to never ever return again! You can clearly hear the relief, the relaxedness, openness and confidence in Amy Domingues and Dennis Kane’s music as hearable on this ‘Rough Magick’ release.

Here their art seems to flourish like wonderful flowers that are made out of minstrel music that is coming across as if they are growing in a melodic classical world in which they have nothing to worry about. Maybe some pretty bumblebees might nibble them with joy, but that’s okay, It makes me believe that they are perfectly safe and trusted, as they are clearly being in the right freeing mindset in which they could be healthy, while also happily providing their music at their very best of their skilful possibilities.

Their enjoyable music performances are clearly made out of superb melodic mavericks that all had been falling nicely into their assigned roles and places, showing a graceful art of medieval gracefulness without facing the risk of being under appreciated, thrown in the dungeon for fun, being stretched out by multiple horses, or simply having to go through the horrible hassle of having no place in which they can be cherished like the ‘children of trustworthy quality musicians’ that they are!

The results are wonderfully executed compositions that come across as made as non pressurised graceful gratefulness, music that anyone in the medieval times would probably never have imagined possible to hear, so beautiful… Music that makes royalty of the nowadays probably green of jealousy, as knowing that the best music will never been theirs, no matter how many bags of gold; they will simply never get to hear music performed as fantastic as Kane & Domingues have done over here. It might be very annoying to them, probably shouting and crying on their golden toilets. Instead this wonderful elegant music is clearly for the people and done by real people that love their beloved instruments to make beautiful music!

And yes, I might still sit here on my throne like the modern day queen that I am, but even for me these two won’t show up in real life for a private concert. I just pretended to have them here performing in my royal bedroom, as with my eyes closed & my ears opened it very much feels as if these top notch artists are here, in my imaginary palace, delivering the best possible real music that kept my non existing blue blood flowing with musical excitement! This one is for all of us! So be good to yourself and listen to this majestic music that will puts us peasants on the thrones in which we all could wade through the melodies that the fantasy triggering music on ‘rough magick’ has to offer:

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