Norah Lorway – Clatter

Artist: Norah Lorway
Title: Clatter
Keywords: electronic experimental idm code United Kingdom
Label: Earthrid

It started to wobble in my toes. Continued its tremors into the ankles, moved all the way up towards the legs to pull itself straight into the buttocks. Not much later things became bouncy all over, letting my entire body become like a pudding made out of jelly that had caught the shaking virus. It was of course not the dealings of a scary disease, but simply the instant reaction of listening to the very actively moving tunes on this new album by Norah Lorway.

Norah Lorway created the ultimate rhythmic pleasers that would instantly satisfy lovers of the electric techno sound by feeding them the best pulsating rhythms in all their best possible hypnotic ways and forms. Thoughts of Norah Lorway diving deep into her research lab in order to study, create and deliver the best of the electronic world quickly established in my head. It wasn’t very hard to imagine Norah at work like a mad scientist inventing the best possible soundtrack for people to get uncontrollably moved by.

I just saw this instant picture of the artist mixing and matching the precise doses of sound, rhythm and hypnotic mysticism. Lab jars with the sweat of freaks, hints of throbbing gristle goodness trying to open up doors to other dimensions, pots of enormous sounding noise, sealable boxes of robotic techno pulsations, sachets of pure hypnotic contents that could drive even the biggest sceptic into a well willing subject that had to become one with the music, turning them (just like me) into a human version of a retro Winamp audio visualiser. What a power and what sight! I can just imagine Norah Lorway with a big smile upon her face knowingly knowing what she had created over here!

Norah Lorway simply must have had a breakthrough moment in her studio as ‘Clatter’ had become the irresistible pulsating music that would drop the acid in a scientific style and form, a neat way that would set the usual druggies on the laughing spot; no need to fry your brain in order to establish the perfect rhythms and sounds to turn listeners into bouncy vibrating bits of visual movements. Pure science and clean hygienic electronic sounds with here and there some nice added freakiness taken from the underworld is proving the quickest path for a recipient’s body to react on. At least it was for me…

I kept on wiggling, shaking, twerking, wobbling and at times jumping – but all in a seemingly controlled manner – as if me hearing this album at home had simply be an illusion, as if the reality was more likely to be ‘me dancing uncontrollably in the secret test lab’ while Norah looks upon the results from a one sided see through mirror. Probably making some notes in order to make her next experiment in music and unstoppable body movements, into one that involves people moving in such a way that they might defy gravity. I was only one but away to flap my arms like a bird, making me convinced that with what Norah Lorway has been creating here sound wise, she might invent the right audio vibrations to make humans fly like a flock of birds eventually. Can’t wait for that, although for now experiencing to be a human Winamp visualiser is also pretty much next level! Go and become one yourself by checking out the Clatter at the following link:

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