Yasuyuki Uesugi – Birth And Disappearance

Artist: Yasuyuki Uesugi
Title: Birth And Disappearance
Keywords: experimental japan ambient electronics experimental experimental electronic industrial metamusica minimalismo post-rock psychedelia space-rock Peru
Label: Superspace Records

With the sound of fluttering lips that are sounding as big as the universe, this album seems to kick itself easily into any pair of ears that it can reach and find. A little drum in the back turns the gigantic lip vibrations into some kind of rhythmic ritual, slowly inviting other sounds in for a repetitive movement that gets more and more psychedelic. What am I saying? It becomes so psychedelic that it becomes the entire meaning of the word. It’s time for us to be reborn and disappear into a different realm of surreality.

It happens quick and yet not rushed, turning what used to be ‘normality’ on the background and replacing it with the sounds and vibes of something you really feel like you want to hang out in. Something new, a world pleasantly unknown and yet one that lays in all of us. A positive and pleasant kaleidoscopic trip for the mind that seems to be in touch with the ins and outs of the universe, the imagination and probably highly flirting around with the dopamine production.

In the end our eyes simply might be twirling around in circles, probably nicely hypnotised enough for a hypnotist to snap its fingers and turn any of us into a bunch of lip loving chickens. Cuckeldoodeldoo! Not that the sound of chickens or roosters can literally be heard, but the space is so large and vast that it’s more the sound of mega proportions that covers all truths and audio that will make you trigger into thinking that you suddenly know the meaning of life.

It’s very well done, as if the creator of these sounds is clearly having the power to transform audio into the purest form of psychedelia, turning even the greatest straight-edge person into one that feels greatly intoxicated, turning every day sensible hard working people into text book druggies without having to face the legal dangers that spiking someones drink normally will come up with. Just toss this album in the Whitehouse and see how suddenly the elements of evil power become instantly a happy bunch of love making care-bears.

The pulsating repetitions of pleasant sounds will simply continue to easily whitewash reality, replacing it with a slow brew of hallucinogenic enduring weirdness. But mind you, by the end of it, even the weirdness doesn’t seem so weird, but the world previously known as ‘reality’ certainly becomes more and more strange; who would want to come back to their senses when you could hang out healthy in a seemingly pleasant drugged up state of cozy belonging?

Imagine heroin without the health risks, the burdens of shooting up and being looked upon as you become a burden of society…This music doesn’t effect your status, doesn’t rip you off your teeth, doesn’t give you mental problems; it offers any of its listeners an easy escape into lala land. We and the psychopathic overlords need this album in our lives! Let us be here, together as one in a state of psychotomimetic induced audio happiness! Reality and surreality will turn into a pleasant place for all!

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