Crimson Butterfly – OXIDES

Artist: Crimson Butterfly
Keywords: experimental nizhny novgorod improvisation industrial techno leftfield techno Nizhny Novgorod

Music that feels like happy slappy aliens that have revolutionised themselves so much that they said ‘f*ck it’ let’s climb on top of the control systems and step around with our neon green froggish legs, press random buttons with our flubbery toes and wobble our brainy heads as if they had been filled with liquid technologies. Let’s claim this action and call it ‘Meadows Of Gold’ the most brainy aliens out there must have said, while recording the whole ordeal for a future release on Crimson Butterfly’s bandcamp account.

Not much later the same aliens might be found dancing upside down on the ceiling of the control room, stamping their feet in rhythmic steady beats, stomping and banging while defying gravity, popping alien pills that make them burp out hypnotic sounds that humans on earth probably would identify as acid techno! Look at them go, dancing like maniacs, bouncing like bouncing balls with sticky souls; all in a state of happy madness, entranced by steady kicks and vibrating electric sounds. If this isn’t ‘Elemental’ to their life’s purpose han what is? These aliens are groovy as funk, smooth like a good game of table tennis and ready like the biggest psychonaut here on our home planet.

Time for the fanfare band of fat aliens to come in to the cockpit, shuffling their hand played bass drums, their high-hats and cymbals for a undenyable groove that speaks all about fun in every understandable possible music language that you could imagine! The mad house in the alien unidentified object goes simply happily berserk, freaking out nicely on a vast pastry of fatness, sweet distortion and diligently tasty rhythm! They call it “Bionic Histrionic’ but I would call it bombastic space alien irrisistableness!

Further down the flight we get served something that had been named ‘Mangadkhai’ which made a new bunch of happy aliens pop in, all doing the polonaise, clearly holding eachother’s back while joyfully stepping around on a straightforward boom kick – digital toothbrush acidic didgeridoo sound-alike mixed with the unforgiving happy hardcore kick that beats slowly like a heartfelt punch that will never go for a flatline!

The aliens must have loaded their favorite tune named Linda 4.20 as when this plays out all through the internal speakers of the flying vessel, things will get all fanatic, trippy, weird and still full on beating like an unstoppable deejay at the perfect rave. Things get more distorted, deluded, delusional or spaced out along the way, turning the technoid spectacle into something that feels more like a rock and roll nutter that had lost the plot in the middle of an electric guitar solo! Oh those damned aliens, simply have no rules don’t they?

The cleanup service might also pop up, rolling around in vibrant roller skates, fanatically brushing off the entire alien interior like a cleaner that had been taking its job way too seriously. But cleaning up is not an act of surprise as a wonderfully beloved pretty alien named “Bella” knock down the door and all other creatures have to swing tightly in an impressive clean cut move in order to impress her. They dance as if they had looked around in pole dancing places for research and inspiration, jumping up and down with their green slimy buttocks out to either touch the floor or the roof! It’s a mating’s party with the right pulse to keep even the non alienated up and moving tightly.

After this their minds must have been finally gained the right dose of happy pills as these alien friends seem to have lost the beats, clearly swimming around in a diabolical trip in which weightlessness is the order of the moment & tripping balls the action of the day. It’s not a bad trip though, just experiencing them without the kicks is quite a bewildering experience. But it easily gives space and room for some Dissection 18, a place in which ambiance and beats meet up in the meeting for a final alienating battle that nobody wins and all gets to shake their green slimy weird floppy hands. What a strange but fun experience! It almost makes you wish to be an fanatic alien with dancing skills too!

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