Monster Surprise – Auriscalpe

Artist: Monster Surprise
Title: Auriscalpe
Keywords: alternative pop casio dogbowl flaming lips french indie rock mercury rev psychedelic pop saz weird Paris

Oh monster surprise, popping out your music like an act of bewilderment, steam coming out of your nose and ripples of smoke from your tender finger tips that are escaping with every string that you touch the electric guitar with. Your spirit seems to be lifted in the air, it has left your body in search for more freedom, finding it as it is dancing around you like a ghost in a faint dress that has to howl for cheerful complimentary ambient reasons. The sound of ghostly love can’t be ignored.

It’s not Halloween anymore, yet the lyrics that are sung over here are so bright and sunshiny that it would be completely normal if a listener would immediately cover their house in rolled out toilet rolls in order to keep the extra lights out. It might kindly blind them! This is intimate and strange, sweet and spooky. Not sure what to make of it other than it certainly fitting its name, which might be in theory not helping the surprise element, but actually is strong enough to still be monstrously surprising!

Monster Surprise dabbled with its toes in sentiment, in sweet seedy lullaby styles while at the same time bathing in the environment that Micheal jackson’s thriller had to be shot in. Sleazy and lovable, throbbing like a true Frenchman in the heat of the night after a half bottle of wine and a block of chewed garlic on the side. Say what you want or whatever you like but it’s true to itself and done with attention and care.

Slowly but surely the Monster Surprise gets into our system, it is simply growing in each and all of us. Turning so big that it might take over like a body snatcher that would be delighted to type in a beautiful review of kind words. My fingers automatically type positively about rye special artist bringing electric programmed beats for that extra candle light touch that if you don’t pay too much attention; might become a lovable burning hazard. Sweet and ghostly this Monster Surprise simply does its own thing, somehow I love Monster Surprise as if it had been a music making member of the legendary Adams Family who lives out all the way in europe’s place of romantics; Paris.

Monster Surprise goes all melodic and sweet, yet also seems to have inserted a vacuum cleaner sound somehow. But it’s the monster’s real talent that comes out as he sings so beautifully while bathing in a bath of spooky sadness, it is as if he had been eating a possessed croissant while thinking of love making to someone that Monster Surprise had a wonderful appetite for. It is short, slightly weird, adorable at times and probably a better kisser than Gomez. Its a surprise that might eat you whole!

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