Petridisch – Malaise Event

Artist: Petridisch
Title: Malaise Event
Keywords: experimental ambient dark ambient noise vaporwave Easley
Label: Houdini Mansions

Petridisch seems to be active like a fish, popping up doing instant live stream shows on shitter, real life performances and running a fine label. In the meantime his presence is also making headlines among other outputs of music, one that had been burning around in my pocket was his output on Houdini Mansions, who released ‘Malaise Event’ like a love bomb waiting to explode in someone’s needed heart.

But don’t worry there are plenty of these explosions available for all of us, so much so that I happily took one inside mine and let it spread its sound within me. There I could easily soak up the organic organ tones that came across as the sound of an ancient charismatic demonised person who had been draped in uncertain times, dabble around in a mood of sour sadness while still also being strong enough to carry on. He might be hiding around in the music to gain enough power to return to the upper crust of the world, there where it would happily lifts the burdens of life from its heavy shoulders, spontaneously played the electric harp with voluminous new found strength and an dose of self love that had been so much that he could now spread it out to all, happily tossing it al over the entire world for a good massive love bomb that will elevate the many that had been in similar desperate situations & make them feel all new, vibrant and happily refilled with positivity.

Petridisch understands your problems, feels what you feel, is mentally equipped to go under your skin and in your thoughts in order to tell you that it’s alright, that things will change for the greater good. The now resurrected artist shows the mercy, compassion and knows exactly what to create to change your low self esteemed vibe into a ‘yes can do’ one.

Like a cop who has to talk to a jumper in order to get them change the plan and go back inside their second floor apartment. That seems to be the power and mood of this Malaise Event; the graceful busy electric artist poking into fears, depression, anxiety and lowness & going into it as deep as possible for you to know that he had been there, can visit you in that realm like a friend and than lifting everyone he visits musically up with a touch of understanding and grand gestures that will take you back into the rays of bright daylight again. That’s the power of music right there:

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