Australasia – Mercurio • Argento


title: Mercurio • Argento
artist: Australasia
tags: experimental, post-metal, post-rock, shoegaze, ambient, instrumental, soundtrack, vintage, electronica, Italy

slight interest

Actually Interested In Music People Send In Person!

I have to get right down to it with this release! This got the type of big boom boom drums that let you know this is some serious shit! Some slow and deliberate shit is going down! You can’t escape the significance!

Tikki tikki tikki, and then some more like tikki tikki tikkie with more mega mwah mwah boom drum! This is the sounds of the slow and powerful! Big power! Big slow! I feel intense!

It’s like I have to move in slow motion in everything! Let me try this out! Gosh darn it I just move too fast despite the inspiration! Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! It Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzs all over the place! Except only in one bit of space! How do they do it?!

Let’s take a look at the cover! It is a jellyfish! Would a jellyfish like this music?! You bet your underinflated left butt cheek that yes it would love this! Maybe! I don’t know jellyfish very well! I am sure somewhere in there it will do a whole drift to the side but like as a sign of enjoyment! That’s how confident I am!

Would you rather meet a jellyfish or a squid in person?! I would like to meet both! Maybe with music we can bridge the gap and meet and have a good time and talk about the ocean! Maybe not! I will just go with the flow!

Is that a smoke machine or do they just vape?! I wish to know the answer! I am actually interested in the answer! Tsss tsss tss tsss badump! It was starting to get pumped up and then it went all dun dun clakka clakka! With that atypical long note high note sci-fi esque thing there!

Wow! What a ride! What a journey! Were you interested?! Actually?! I know I was! Continue being actually interested over here!:


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