Interview with Phantom Circuit

Welcome dear loyal readers of this humble blog for ‘music’ lovers. Today we have something special for you, but let me start first with a hypothetical introduction to get you in the mood:

Phantom of the opera? Ever heard of that? It’s well known. Some lunatic with a arguable nice voice and a half burned face with confidence problems. Apparently he is kind of a legend, hiding in the back of a opera house while getting all horny from young female opera performers that occupy the stage.. my point is that even this freak is hiding around with a silly mask on in which you basically still could recognise his face, the phantom of the opera’s fame and glory had gone all over the world. Even people in Iceland would know who he is; crazy Isn’t it?

But Phantom Circuit? Did you ever heard of this? It’s something special too, yet I’m not sure if it has the skills of an opera singer! I say IT as unlike Phantom of the Opera who is clearly a man with issues, nobody really knows what or who Phantom Circuit is… well, to certain heights we know as in the underground realms of the nowadays the Phantom Circuit does have a reputation going on, in fact many legends are spreading around about Phantom Circuit. One I can definitely confirm: Phantom Circuit has (unlike the phantom of he opera) a really good and interesting music taste. A taste so good that it’s as good as clear to me that Phantom Circuit isn’t a masked person hiding in the shadows, but in fact Phantom Circuit is exactly what it says that it is a ‘Phantom Circuit’.

We should accept Phantom Circuit as it is and not reveal which bathhouse the music oracle is broadcasting its presence from, let it firmly be a mystery whether Phantom Circuit wears a mask or do some singing too. But still… curiosity kills the rat & we do have a rat problem here in the underground, so I thought to put on my naughty shoes in search to get in touch with the mysterious Phantom Circuit that had kept many musicians buzzing in awe!


It wasn’t hard to find Phantom Circuit online, it has an enormous online presence with a website, a spot on radio station Resonance Extra and a very reliable output on Mixcloud. In fact it would be very hard not to find Phantom Circuit, especially because the more you look into Phantom Circuit the more you will notice how much Phantom Circuit is doing for artists and music, new and old, making their songs, tunes, vibes and music go with the flow of an actual radio show! Once I had made contact with the mysterious Phantom Circuit it instantly became clear that Phantom Circuit didn’t want the fame, the glory, the revelation of the moment of standing in the spotlight. If that would be on my agenda, Phantom Circuit would politely decline the invitation leaving us nosey reporters and readers into a wealth of nothingness.

But luckily Phantom Circuit loves music, musicians, oddities, artists and creative characters. The only way to get to know Phantom Circuit a little bit better would be by engaging this deity of audio sharing by going into its specialty of not making an interview with Phantom Circuit about Phantom Circuit but more about sharing music that Phantom Circuit loves… not sure if or if it’s going to work, I can already see the difficulties ahead. But I’m here in front of the magic realm of Phantom Circuit armed with a pen, paper and member of the press card & going in.. Fingers crossed and hope this turns out well…

This interview comes with a soundtrack: …..

KN: Hello Phantom Circuit. I’m Kai the reporter for Yeah I Know It Sucks. How are you doing? A little nervous perhaps?

Phantom Circuit: Hey, who really cares?

* Music plays… Track 1: ‘Hey, Who Really Cares?’ by Linda Perhacs from ‘Parallelograms’


KN: I can imagine that you don’t drink anything else except data and music, but if so, do you want anything to get you a little bit loose-lipped?

Phantom Circuit: Yes, please, yes!

* The music morphs into… Track 2: ‘Yes, Please, Yes’ by Joe Frawley from ‘Speak of This to No One’. *

KN: You have probably been Phantom Circuit all your life, but can you walk us a bit through the historic process of how you have become the Phantom Circuit of today? What has been your motivation to start it all up?

Phantom Circuit: Love radio!

* Track 3: ‘Love Radio’ by KAO4S from ‘Standardeviation’ *


KN: My spying agentsย  have informed me that your secret inner workings of your site have been changing… you have moved away from WordPress as a host for your wonderful persona? Are they right? And why this move if I may ask?

Phantom Circuit: -nods- Let it go. Virus!

* Track 4: ‘Let It Go (Isobel’s Virus Fallout Version)’ by Isobel Ccircle from ‘For Scant Applause’.*

KN: I understand that this might just be the most difficult interview ever. Not that there aren’t a lot of questions, but because I don’t want to ask too much and also don’t want to bring any potential hard questions in which you are basically have to spell out your favorite artists and co… could you instead maybe explain for someone who hasn’t heard of Phantom Circuit before, what kind of vibes they can expect to hear when going into your realm?

Phantom Circuit: Bad vibrations. -frowns-

* Track 5: ‘Bad Vibrations’ by Disintegrators from ‘Fire on Boat’.*

KN: Considering people have working ears: how, when and where can people enjoy Phantom Circuit?

Phantom Circuit: Here, there and everywhere!

* Track 6: ‘Here, There & Everywhere’ by Cathy Berberian from ‘Beatles Arias’. *

KN: The list of artists that have done something specialย for Phantom Circuit is endlessly long. How long have you been reaching out to artists?

Phantom Circuit: 11 years.

* Track 7: ’11 Years (Sabres Main Mix 1)’ by The Wolfgang Press from ‘Funky Little Demons’. *

KN: Would it be fair to say that anyone that you took into the Phantom Circuit is music that you would listen to yourself, or do you also play things that might not be to your own liking – to balance things out / challenge yourself?

Phantom Circuit: There must be a silver lining.

* Track 8: ‘There Must Be a Silver Lining’ by Lee Morse from ‘Echoes of a Songbird’. *

KN: The music that gets amplified on Phantom Circuit is very diverse, yet you manage to make every show into one that feels together. Do you have a theme in mind with each episode or is it by ear? What is the way you collect and shape each Phantom Circuit?

Phantom Circuit: Never give anything away. -winks-

* Track 9: ‘Never Give Anything Away’ by Jack Costanzo from ‘Can Can’. *


KN: I mentioned that the music is very diverse, is there any kind of music that you definitely won’t consider playing on your show? I already

Phantom Circuit: –shrugs- A fool listens with his eyes.

* Track 10: ‘A Fool Listens With His Eyes’ by Ultrasound from ‘Death Comes from the Left’ *

KN: Do you keep in touch with the artists, musicians, bands that you have met online?

Phantom Circuit: Some of them.

* Track 11: ‘Some of Them’ by Ultravox from ‘Systems Of Romance’. *


KN: What do you want to deliver, bring, convey to the listeners of Phantom Circuit? Is there a message behind it all?

Phantom Circuit: –pauses- What do you think?

* Track 12: ‘What Do You Think’ by Mother Gong from ‘Buddha’s Birthday’. *


KN: Out of all the music that had made the heart of Phantom Circuit pump, are there any songs or pieces of music that you have inserted more than once because you loved them so much?

Phantom Circuit: No repeat.

* Track 13: ‘No Repeat’ by DIN A Testbild from ‘Berlin Super 80 – Music Underground West Berlin 1978-1984’. *

KN: through your site musicians can send in their music. For some reason people can do this in all kinds of ways, but one thing seems to be crucial: the tagging of the MP3 files. Why do you think this is still an issue and why is tagging things correctly so important?

Phantom Circuit:glares- It’s so obvious!

* Track 14: ‘It’s So Obvious’ by Wire from ‘Pink Flag’. *


KN: I was wondering, Phantom Circuit… How do you get yourself together? Do you mix the music in a lovely single take or is it more like a digital process? How does an episode of Phantom Circuit get made? I know that it’s probably never good to reveal the kitchen of a cook, but think about young new coming wannabe Phantom Circuits of the future; do they need a studio if they want to become something of a Phantom Circuit themselves?

Phantom Circuit: Your ways… are not our ways.

* Track 15: ‘Your Ways Are Not Our Ways’ by Paddy Kingsland, BBC Radiophonic Workshop from ‘The Changes’. *

KN: is there something that really annoys you in the music or broadcasting world?

Phantom Circuit: So many things have got me down.

* Track 16: ‘So Many Things Have Got Me Down’ by The Search Party from ‘Montgomery Chapel’. *


KN: And what is it that gives you the ultimate joy being in the music and broadcasting world?

Phantom Circuit: Sharing sensation.

* Track 17: ‘Sharing Sensation’ by Trisomie 21 from ‘Million Lights’. *

KN: What or who is your biggest inspiration?

Phantom Circuit: Instrumental surprise!

* Track 18: ‘Instrumental Surprise’ by Dikyl Brobojo from ‘All There Is To Know About Life’. *


ย KN: I know that there are strict rules and regulations for music and the presenter to hold onto when being broadcasted. Like no nasty words (I presume), do you have (on your own account) any special rules that you hold onto in the realm of Phantom Circuit beyond the standard broadcasting ones?

Phantom Circuit: talking loud and clear!

* Track 19: ‘Talking Loud and Clear’ by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark from ‘Junk Culture’. *

KN: Phantom Circuit is a place that feels like one of consistent love of music, one in which a listener can find and discover things that they would never discover or heard off before. But where do you as Phantom Circuit get all these amazing pieces of music from? They canโ€™t come all come from the request form, right?

Phantom CircuitEnergy is coming from everywhere, all the time.

* Track 20: ‘Energy is Coming from Everywhere All the Time’ by The Beige Channel from ‘The Palace of Gathered Elegance’. *

KN: I really feel that it’s almost time to wrap things up. As you might not know, preparing these questions took almost a year! How long does it take for you to make a Phantom Circuit episode from start to finish?

Phantom Circuit: A day isn’t enough.

* Track 21: ‘Ein Tag ist Nicht Genug’ by Leben und Arbeiten from ‘Leben und Arbeiten’. *


KN: What are the future plans of Phantom Circuit?

Phantom Circuit: Wait and see!

* Track 22: ‘Wait And See (It Is Just)’ by Absolute Body Control from ‘Live’. *

KN: Do you have any standing Oscar nomination speeches, thank you notes, shout outs or anything else that you drastically need to share over here with these beloved readers?

Phantom Circuit: Nothing really.

* Track 23: ‘Nothing Really’ by Gridline from ‘Passages & Satellites’. *

KN: Thank you so much dear Phantom Circuit for doing this rare interview with me and spending your time over here. But most of all thank you for your existence as upon discovering you it has been a feast as finally there had been a radio show that is adventurous, fun, open-minded and full of unexplored discoveries to engage in. Really recommend it! Thank you for all! 

Phantom Circuit: – bows deeply – The kind king!

* Track 24: ‘The Kind King’ by Σωτήρης Κοματσιούλης from ‘Σαν Τον Άνεμο’ The soundtrack ends. *


goodbye everyone! says KN (on the left) & Phantom Circuit (on the right)

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