Romantic States – Ballerina


title: Ballerina
artist: Romantic States
tags: rock, beauty, cello, experimental, pop, lo-fi, minimalist, poetry pop, quartet, skeletal, weird, Baltimore

slight interest

Actually Interested In Music People Send In Person!

So we are here again! We are continually and actually interested in music people send in! Wait, that doesn’t quite sound like Yeah I Know It Sucks! now does it?! Perhaps they mean the same thing?! I do not know! I am not that smart!

In any event, here we are with uh Baltimore homeland group of I will eventually remember the name of this group without having to look at it and I failed by looking at the link in the other window, Romantic States! This release is titled Ballerina! To be truthful, I do not know what ballerina would be dancing to these types of songs but I say down with tradition!

This is head boppy music! It keeps you interested! Oh the back of the person is being used as a coffee table or a coaster! Very interesting! Before I get too distracted, the tones and sounds are kind of a weird mix between countryish and then popish and then we get all over the place! By that I mean I have no idea what is next! I am only at song two!

They have somewhat clever titles! Cocaine Cul de Sac is one! Yeah, it is a little over the place but it sounds good! I am most definitely not surprised by this because I am interested in all music people send in! (As an aside, from the one and only, this is actually pretty fitting music for my sort of lost and subdued mood this Monday. Ah fuck it’s monday ain’t it. There went the weekend. Oh well, it works. I like it. I like it a lot.)

In their photo on the camps of bands, they are facing the opposite way of the camera! There is a space heater and what I can only assume is an air conditioning unit high on up above but not so high as to be out of sight! Is that a painting but really should be a chalkboard?! We will never truly know! Well, we will but don’t tell me! I don’t want to know! Don’t shatter my fragile reality!

Soon I will have to brush and flush and rinse! To counteract the swelling of these gums and these pains in my jaw and around the teeth! If only this music could help me increase my dental hygiene! However, it is ok that it does not because it certainly hits the spot!

I just read their description of the genre! Sweet, subtle, minimal, rock! They are absolutely correct! Very sweet! Very subtle! Very minimal! Very rock!

In any event, I can say that I am actually interested in this! Get your listening on over on here!:


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