Febria – Longing

Before we get into it, I know that it is a great want and need of the people to know how my shower went! Thankfully, I documented part of the process!:


Actually Interested In Music People Send In Person! about to go in the shower!

It was good! Thank you for asking!


title: Longing
artist: Febria
tags: alternative, alternative rock, acoustic, atmospheric, epic, guitar harmonies, guitars, instrumental, math rock, progressive rock, vocal harmonies, United Kingdom

slight interest

Actually Interested In Music People Send In Person!

Back in the summer of 2001, I took this photo! After a fun but tiring game of Don’t touch my butt? I laid upon the grass feeling quite comfortable! I was so comfortable that the first thought that came to my mind was that I needed to take a photo of myself with the grass! I think it turned out well! In both an aesthetic sense and in a sense of capturing the essence of the moment!

When I first hear the song Pending, I think that this review should be pending! I also think it sounds a little bit like some moderately well known band hailing from Britain circa the 1960s! Just a little!

Then The Start Of Something brings out a bit funkier bass but then it gets all modern! It’s like it wanted to be cool and then got cooler on account of the cold front moving in from the ocean causing something along the lines of colder temperatures! Is that how weather works?! I am no weatherperson! However I am a person that is actually interested in music!

I can’t tell which one is singing! Voices coming out of mouths never seem like they are supposed to come out of that hole! Especially if you don’t see them singing the same time you are hearing! I just drank a bit of cold drink and it made teeth I didn’t know hurt, hurt! Brush, floss, rinse! Take it from me! I must make an appointment for the dentist! Soon! If anything, at least this experience is making me be more on top of taking care of my own hole!

We all fast and like strummy! Even though we are fast we are slow! Scramble they say! The singer said scramble! I shall make like some eggs then, and get all my liquidy bits together then cook them! Aye, aye cap’n!

I like deer! Therefore I am pleased to see a deer on the album cover! Look at it! It’s got horns! Ok, they are antlers! What’s the difference?! I know there is a difference! Please don’t @ me! Oh my god! The signal of any great group! They have a track on the album that is the same name as the album! I am very interested! Coincidentally this is also the track that is playing right now! What a happening!

Why is there a chain link fence behind the deer?! Is it a pet deer?! Why would you keep a deer as a pet?! Why not let it answer the call of the wild and be free?! Did it wander into someone’s back yard?! I do not know, but I am very interested! Do you think they paid the deer to model for them?!

I can imagine these artists playing underneath a very big tree! Imagine it! A tree! People underneath it! Music! Interesting! Actually! I can’t believe the images flooding into my brain with this idea! Just one idea! Just one tree! I guess some other trees can be around! Don’t want them to feel left out! WHAT A COINCIDENCE! I am on Fens and Spinneys and the lead vocalist just said trees! This music speaks to me! I think I get them! Actually!

Oh! I thought it was an organ! But it was a backwards guitar sound! Maybe there is also an organ though! I think I hear an organ! Raise your hands! Feel it inside you! Feel it again and again! Feel! There are no truths to find! I humbly and most completely disagree with this lyric! The truth is out there! The new truth is out there! However it still sounds nice and it interests me!

They leave us with a radio edit! As in it is edited to be played on the radio! Wow! I think this sounds a lot different! A major edit! A strong edit! A secure edit! A safe edit! A galactic empire edit! A jedi edit! No, better than that, a templar knight edit!

Be better here!:









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