Javarnanda – Mysteries of the Unknown


title: Mysteries of the Unknown
artist: Javarnanda
tags: cosmic music, electronic, dance, funk, new age, retrowave, soundtrack, synthpop, synthwave, Italy

slight interest

Actually Interested In Music People Send In Person!

Let me start by saying that this music makes me want to play the best of the best of bingo in the outer spaces! I18! BINGO! BINGO! BINGO! I have got a bingo bangO!

Let us explore this new age of the retro! Wait, I am no master of the temporal but this is sounding kind of crazy! It’s the new old! How fitting! This artists is “convinced that in order to understand the future we need to look at the past!” It’s the forwards backwards! I cannot comprehend anything past my gums that have ballooned so I will leave the philosophy to the experts like Jacaranda! Oh wait, that’s a plant! Javarnanda! My apologies!

We got space sounds! We got arpeggios! Maybe! If music could be in swollen gum form them maybe I would understand! I really have to brush my teeth! With this music! Bring on the sonic toothpaste! Yes! This is the way of the new old!

Beyond the bingo, this is the type of music that makes you gyrate your hips in a rhythmic fashion! Such a fashion it is! You spin around once, you spin it twice! You spin it with chicken soup and rice! Also a food of the future past!

The artwork is all drippy! Does electric ink bleed? Perhaps it bleeds blood! This is a major unknown! Coincidence that the album is titled as such?! I think not! A master crafter of all these things they are!

Dragon is all ranchero of the stars! Maybe it is caballero! I do not know Spanish well enough! This is the ultra bingo music! How can I get so much bingo?! They will think I have rigged the wheel! I swear I did not! All I was trying to do was to get some money to afford the dentist! Don’t look at me like that, other patrons of the hall of the game most worthy! I am your friend!

Ok, I have had enough bingo but there is plenty more to be had! Please take a good long listen to all this newly retrograded something or other in the sign of pick your celestial body and do the dance hip of well you get what I am saying! Hopefully!:



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