Nicholas Langley – Final Wave


title: Final Wave
artist: Nicholas Langley
tags: electronic, idm, indie, braindance, cassettes, electro, electronic music, soundtrack, Brighton

Surprise! You’ll never guess who it is!

slight interest

Actually Interested In Music People Send In Person!

I am sure that you had no idea! What a puzzler it was! Now, I know you all must be wondering who I am! Who am I you ask?! Don’t bother! I don’t even know! I was forced into the amorphous blob that is time and became the entire whole of whatever the fuck this is! I am just a poor soul that let his dental health go awry! But my interest for music has never been stronger! If only my flesh was just as strong! If only I had brushed my teeth more often! Also floss! You cannot forget to floss! Why do you think I don’t have any teeth in this lovely selfie?! I joke! I have some teeth you just can’t see them!

Oh my! Final! Wave! Sounds like we will ride this wave for the last time! Which means a journey! Pack your bags! Bring a toothbrush! If you don’t have one, buy one! If you can’t buy one, at least get a piece of paper towel or toilet paper and drag it across your teeth! You won’t get the important bits but you at least will get some of the plaque!

We somehow wound up at the final song already! There’s some young person saying something completely indistinguishable in the background! I say this was done on purpose! Let’s restart the album! After it ends! This Circle Map has some fun tones! It bounces all over the place and has a sign of sounds familiar! Playful!

Here we go again! We have transcended finality, and have come to the land of being interested in music, actually! I was eating some peanuts! I need to get me another handful!

I also need to shower! After this album! I will do a brush and a scrub and a wash and an application of soap! When I get to all the dirty places I will think of this music and I will be made clean again! Until the doings of the daily life soil my flesh once again! Lather, rinse, repeat!

Have your fingers ever felt like dancing?! If they have not, be prepared! They will want to move all over the place! Do it! I encourage this!

Get those digits moving! Do it! I cannot recommend it enough! Not quite as much as taking proper care of your bicuspids and incisors and your gums and gumline! Please, take it from me! A healthy mouth is a happy person!

Go on your own finger dancing journey here!:




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