Antoine De Muynck – Live at Swan Yard

Artist; Antoine De Muynck
Title: Live at Swan Yard
Keywords: electronic experimental ambient droneelectronica industrial live noise Belgium

Today I have listened to a live set by Antoine De Muynck. Why? Because it was standing on my list of things to check out. It had been overlooked like a poor puppy in the shelter, but finally I got to see it in its eyes and adopted it for a little bit less than half an hour of entertainment.

Not the kind of music that will make you go to a fun fair or go for an intimate petting down session with local cats and dogs or show ponies. But more like a session of sound in which it is flying all over the road, dragging itself as if it’s wearing a long cape that falls over the street, the houses, the cars and all that had been between it. The end bits might become a little dirty.

These soundtracks by Antoine De Muynck spread around some kind of feeling that made me think of a rainy day, without the actual rain. Maybe it had rained before and there had been enough muddy puddles everywhere to get your boots in. It feels quite cold and lonely, as if reasonable people just stayed inside, nicely hiding away in their own homes which are obviously much more warmer and nicer. In fact now that I think about it; the audio entertainment gives the impression that we are the only ones there, outside wading around while avoiding stepping in a fresh bit of mud.

It’s also quite dark, might it be night time or had the sun simply not come? It wouldn’t be all too weird if the sun too had stayed inside its house as in all honesty why would anyone really enjoys this cold stale world of loneliness? Maybe people with hectic heads, busy minds? Characters that have had been surrounded by too much action and now just want to be left alone in this grim audio scene created live by Antoine De Muynck.

I believe to hear him kicking around some garbage, throwing some trash out of the way in order to provide more excitement in this seemingly deadly place. After that Antoine De Muynck seems to play an actual melody, it is still in the style of sadness, done as if the creator blew air in a few half empty beer bottles in order to recreate the sound of a pan flute.

Things become a bit more fresher, as if Antoine De Muynck took out the garden hose and spread some fresh water all over the place in order to clean it up a bit. But this is also the end of it all, leaving me slightly strange as I too finally can go home, snuggle up to the warmth of a heather and leave the coldness of this soundtrack nicely outside the door. You can let it in though!

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