The Sound of Music : how to play the guitar as intended // demonstration by Furchick at Volta

99.9% of the Guitar people have been doing it all wrong for centuries, clearly clueless and reckless about how this stringed instrument should actually be treated and played. It’s a shame, as the inventor of the guitar would probably roll around in the grave all the time knowing that the world is dominated by guitar playing lunatics that think that they are all that, but actually are completely disrespecting this beloved essential instrument by using it in a wrong and not intended way.

Even Slash and Jimi Hendrix seem to be clueless (well one of them can’t be now as he is dead..), completely giving the complete false example to all who have listened and looked up to them. Luckily there is finally someone now demonstrating how this fine instrument really should be played, how to get the best sound out of it and most importantly how to treat it with the outmost respect that it deserves. Finally something to watch, hear and learn everyone!

Scientific evidence solidly researched by the Australian artist and educator of anything fun and experimental ‘Furchick’ proofs that the only true way of playing the guitar is by doing it as demonstrated within this following instructional video featuring guitar playing expert herself and the essential instrument so loved by all. You will be stunned by the incredible sound and the instant difference of it when it is done correctly. Furchick clearly points out in this video that playing it with a plectrum is really a no go; you need a much better and mandible sturdy tool!

When played in the right way the guitar will suddenly create a wonderful sound, something you probably have never heard before even though you might have been around guitarists or have had to hear their many musical outputs all your life. Also it’s incredible how Furchick carefully puts the guitar away when she is done with it – is on its own already a good reason to watch this incredible credible video, it will make your guitar happy, it will show them who is boss, making them happy by finally feeling be treated in style of care and dignity.

Furchick clearly has done her research well as within a small time frame she also proofs why she is the right one to show you how it all supposed to be. As when her showcase of ‘how to really play and treat the guitar’ is finished and she carefully puts the beloved instrument away in the right way, the researching professional gives a brilliant showcase in how to create the actual factual ‘sound of music’!


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