creeps – one

Artist: creeps
Title: one
Keywords: edm electronic idm acid black vape breakcore deathstep experimental industrial noise techno trip hop San Antonio

The Creeps are out and instead of being creepy about it, we should just let these Creeps in as who knows?… they might be not so creepy after all. Things always come with preconceived ideas and perspectives, but just to show my supposed open mindedness I chose to open up the closet and decided to let these Creeps in. At first (admittedly) looking at them with an half eye that was slightly creeped out by them, but as they hopped and slimed and creepily quickly overtook my bedroom and within a few seconds hopped around the kitchen, infested my living-space and eventually my entire livelihood, I had come to somehow love them.

I started to like them more and more as they placed everything upside down, brought a new kind of liveness to the place, rattling their energetic creepinesses all over my stuff, drumming themselves raw and cool on the furniture, all blatantly acting as if they had been real life gremlins that had come out to rise and shine for a fun electric party. Pretty neat to see them slide down the curtains and bounce on the pillows of the sofa!

These Creeps did expectedly make the odd sounds, but as that was probably their attempt to communicate in worldly ways, I had found them more and more adorable. There is something cute about them, even though they quite kept themselves electric and busy for themselves.

It’s unfortunate that I personally can’t speak or understand the creep language, but the language of rhythmic music I can comprehend and go along with. Somehow that is such a universal thing that I believe even you would understand how to react and act upon. So as you could expect; I just jumped around with them, going for a fanatic dance and a crazed wiggle that seemingly didn’t want to go away. The house became a mess, but that seemed to be totally unimportant.

All that I could think of was that these Creeps certainly might be odd creepy creatures, but they do know how to groove & how to infect others in order to go along with them. I also found them more and more adorable as the time went on, especially the baby and toddler creeps that came along with them. Yes, entire Creep families had come out of the closet over here and the more I looked and danced with them,a much more suitable theme of bonding with them started to form.

It made me feel as I too had been induced in the family of Creeps. Strangely that happened to be quite a nice feeling of exchange, after all I invited them in where others might have kept them locked away in the closet. And on their part they seemed to have reached out their creepy hands to invite me to become one of them. This must have happened to Thom Yorke too, or so I presume… anyway, if you don’t have a closed closet with creeps inside, you might as well click the link and just get them from over there:

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