Borts Minorts – I Want To Live .​.​. the EP

Artist: Borts Minorts
Title: I Want To Live … the EP
Keywords: experimental borts minorts New York

Borts Minorts has the rightful balls tightly squeezed in a deluxe form of mentalistic spandex, ready to make them pop like a bulging bulge full of outrageously confident sounding confetti of delirious creation. You can see it in his eyes and can hear it in his music; he is far out there, already gone in the future where everyone else is still jokingly poking in the past. He has his crew of merry musicians swimming in there, all in a soup of mental beyondness!

Borts is like a time traveler that plucked the seeds of his potential madness by visiting the best cultural habitats in the world, from frantic opera houses, maddening human beatboxes all the way towards godlike rockstars standing fiercely on their stages! Maybe even visiting some magical goblins and fairies along the way! Our beloved and slightly bewildering sensation filled with an energy full of theatric tendencies is happily tossing all their musical sparkles out of the magical Borts Minorts wand! A happening of sound so extravagant and far ahead of its time that when upon release many people might have felt it blowing over their heads!

It’s not easy to comprehend if you aren’t ready for it, but you do certainly miss out if you can’t digests the fun act of multiple colours being thrown out like an explosive glitter ball! It doesn’t matter if you are exposed to it way back or all the way in the nowadays; but everyone will probably agree that Borts Minorts has that sound of tripping balls well sorted! He might simply have gone back into time to invent the entire term single handily , making it one that is bravely underlined into culture for ever and the whole of eternity!

With full on energy, an all over the place power to give that almost cannot be grabbed, Borts Minorts delivers the melting pot of stars like an wild powerhouse that can not be tamed, silenced or explained! He will shout, stroke the bits of electric guitar if he needs it and sing like an operatic phenomena if it is necessarily. He does this while fully engaged in a surreal uplifting feel goodness, one that has enough energy to move any drag deeply into another space continuum!

There is something to it, a specialty that is more than a novelty act, an unstoppable mania of sheer positivism camouflaged as the next step towards the mental asylum. Don’t rub it the wrong way as Borts Minorts had set the trap of its personal genius and is cheerfully pushing happy listeners in, overloading them with a meltdown worthiness of glimmer and glamour most defiantly Devine. If you reap this artist’s seed, sniff it up, bathe, swim and simply wrap yourself around it; you will be touched by nobleness, as he is clearly a hero who just wants to make us all feel alive, a warrior of love that has plenty of happy freedom steering within him – so much so that he will happily sparkle it around in an delightful act of sharing and caring!

His mantra of self love, expression and manically intensiveness leaves the one and only Borts Minorts completely open and exposed on this record , which turned itself into a phenomenal showcase in which he shows that he too is a product of humanity after all, an act that feels like the perfect invitation to take a good look at ourself, ready to have enough revelation to toss away seriousness, restrained and unneeded worries & hurries up the effect to accept that there is much more fun to be had when society places the stamp onto you as ‘clinically insane’!

The music of Borts Minorts is a discovery, a minefield of a colourful psyche, one in which every step is fully timed, yet unconventionally arranged! His materialisation is the kind of experimentation that brings worlds of beloved music together but instead of making it a massive global reunion – Borts somehow managed to poor it into a micro nation that feels catered to a nice niche of open minded well wishers, the smart kind that do too want to taste that elixir of life, feel that brewing energy of creativity and wants nothing more than experience temporary insanity as it delightfully rushes around in their veins! if you are open and willing to the mad antics of super star and love-bomb oracle Borts Minorts; it is very clear that the key to true freeing freedom is at our fingertips over here:

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