Dusty Mantle – In The House

Artist: Dusty Mantle
Title: In The House
Keywords: experimental shoreline free improvisation harsh dad sound poetry suburban noise life Olympia WITCHFORK

Hello folx! Today we are going on a short field trip to Dusty Mantle’s house, he kindly invited us all along to play, though apparently it’s ‘largely empty’ and we will have to snuffle around like pigs for some errant objects.

Dusty whistles us a welcome and in we go. It seems we are starting in the Middle of The House where there is a squeaky rocking chair and a piece of glass. We rub and saw at the glass with a little file found in the corner. We whistle as we work and Dusty merrily shakes a crisp bag full of pencil shavings. There’s also a broken whisk with a bell attached to it and of course the vacuum, it’s has an empty belly now so we’d better feed it! We drag a rug around on the ground and sit down to have a nice hot cup of tea while Mr Mantle rattles around in the kitchen.

Right, of we go to the Upper part of The House, a quick clean up with the dust sucker, don’t miss the grey webs in the corners of the room. Dusty chortles to himself as he works to get it ready for us to come in. The white noise calms us and we watch all of the tiny agitated particles floating around in the sunlight. The tones of the vacuum rise and fall like waves, we are in our Happy Place. He’s done a brilliant job and now the room is sparkling clean and go in and poke around for a second but then we’re off to the Meat Locker…

There’s wiry metal shelves in there, and it’s very dark. We pluck and twang and smack our lips together in pure joy until we start to think of all of the animal corpses and innards that heave rested in this place! Not so tasty after all, more like a bad trip… but it’s ok we don’t have to stay here long, there’s more of The House to explore.

Dusty Mantle calls us into the Lower part of The House with a deep throaty sound that fills the space with warmth. There are metal radiators that we can run our nails along, or perhaps use a piece of wood left lying in a forgotten corner. ‘Brrrrrrrr!’ he says and we nod our heads in agreement. That’s exactly how we feel about things.

The last part to explore is the Garage where there are some empty old tins of paint, a rusty nail, a battered bookcase, and a bent spanner. Plenty of things for noise making and fun! Suddenly we are ushered out and then the garage door closes with Mr Mantle inside, the excursion is over, it’s time to go back home.

We can, of course, go back any time we like by following this link!



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