SUNFLOWER – The Great American Race​/​If U Wanna Know

Title: The Great American Race/If U Wanna Know
Keywords: hip-hop/rap beats instrumental lofi sample-based vaporwave Sydney

This release is the perfect one to play when going for a speedy car drive on a sunny day. The best would be if it is done in the USA, maybe at the racing tracks, or just on one of the many highways over there.

Those highways are probably normally also being seen as a speedy place to race – or at least I believe you would think that – if you watched too much of those cops chasing people in cars television programs.

The music feels like a nice chopped up mix and match that feels a bit as if the artist had dived in the record store vinyl section of forgettable releases, sampled an excellent mix of matching material with vocals from various kind that are discussing car racing sports.

It made me musically think of a lovely live mix with multiple turntables turning around and all being friendly scratched by a happy professional, bringing the fun back into the plunder phonic scene. Beep beep! I also thought of this scene in a movie where carmageddon was inspired by: one in which the nurses of an elderly home put out the elderly patients out in the street for pumped up cars to drive over for points, but than the cars would drive unexpectedly through the bushes, avoiding the elderly and driving over the nurses that had been hiding over there. When I hear this happy music I see this hilarious scene of those nurses flying out of the bushes.

The EP goes on with ‘if you wanna know’ which fits the style and mood perfectly, with a light style of funky beats you can just feel the wind in our hairs as we drive over the roads, elevating in speed as the hosts drops the right breaks and mixes the right jam together for an excited, but quick happy ride. Personally I do not drive a car as I know that would be trouble, but hearing these two tunes makes me feel like sitting in a happy-go-lucky racing machine, beeping the horn while speeding full smiles over the road tracks! Nobody can stop the happy confidence that this positive sound gives to the racing community and their well wishers that would be happy to drive along as a jolly passenger.

Music like this (as created by SUNFLOWER) makes me feel happy, positive and funnily energetic in a non hyper active but confident cool way. A person could only dream of a perfect racing ride on a wonderful day without any traffic blockades, accidents, or flat tires, but in music form this is definitely ‘it’:

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