Void Vertex – Signal Interference

Artist: Void Vertex
Title: Signal Interference
Keywords: experimental Lancashire
Label: Wormhole World

Void Vertex had been on my mind from the day that i had something wonderful poking into my ears ; a single out on Wormhole World, I tried to write about it, failed miserably and frustratingly tossed the paper filled up with unreadable notes in the nearest recycling bin. Luckily not much later Void Vortex came out with an entire album on Wormhole World, giving me the courage to simply grab a new piece of paper, play the album multiple times from start to finish and simply do a second attempt to describe the indescribable. The entire pages came full with indescribable scribbles that nobody in their right mind would be able to make sense from.

This here (what you are reading now) might be the result of heavily analysing these abstract things, but I’m personally not all too happy about my review what you are reading here. As it simply felt as good as impossible to write a review for this album, not just because I kept writing unreadable notes when listening, but simply because the music is so pretty out there in all its facets and styles that it made it simply a huge task to honour this album in an order that I would like it to be honoured. Maybe I would even like to see it being knighted by some cool royal queen or king. But even that would be probably be disrespectful to Void Vertex and the music on this album.

A piece of passionate writing that is readable, entertaining and is reporting all that is happening over here on this album is something that I would have loved these words and sentences to be, but thanks to Void Vertex’s music being so all over the grid, so incomprehensible and over my head – it feels like I can never pen up anything justifiable. I could never rest my case knowing that what should have been said had been said, as it is simply unsayable! I don’t know what most of my notes mean as I look upon them, but I do know that it must have been a complex album to make me go into abstract mode.

The album did really grab me in so many ways. Especially by the emotions when Void Vertex sings with a voice that feels sincere and real, by my love for dancing as the artist drops the breaks and bass quite epically, or by the tremendous amounts of alternative pop moments in which I’m secretly a real sucker for. But I don’t want to make this again one of these reviews that sets the artist on a high pedestal with enough compliments to feed Void Vertex it’s ego for many years to come, but unfortunately it might be simply going that way. But maybe instead of feathers I can decorate this write up / review with the actual reviewers notes that I made when hearing this album?

It’s an album that is all over the place, imaginative and little crazy in the bombastic movement, but than if you realise that it’s made by a producer who makes tracks as diary music, the generous amount of diversity in style is something much more understandable, it says a lot about the person behind Void Vertex, who clearly is a very intelligent, complex and emotional music creator that has no problem to hop from one mood into another. But in general you could probably try to pin it into an alternative industrial section somewhat, but that has probably more to do with the sounds that Void Vertex has than the actual tunes… or what am I saying? Still trying to figure out these scribbles…

It does feel that is has everything to get excited about. Really putting the artist it’s many aspects of his personal life on the map, while remarkably also conquering a what I would like to describe as an commercial sound. That is probably why it is so difficult to write about this album, not just it being enriched in diversity but also it being able to dance around on the line of both worlds. It sounds absolutely underground, while at the same time having great potential to hit it above the ground. I could easily see Void Vertex video clips on TV in a time when MTV would still play video clips… there is just that kind of sound and structure that would probably feel okay in both dimensions.

From the beginning beats roll already out with a repetitive warning to not get pretty. It’s good advice that we uglies don’t have to worry about. The music seems to swipe up a frantic mood, one that is loud but honestly easily rocking our bodies back and forth, sometimes screaming like a punk trapped in a glitch. Many guests appear on the album, all donating their own sound or power to the music. Still the most enjoyable bits to me was Void Vertex alone, singing his heart out on top of his own music. But as I write this down and can’t say this for certain as these notes… the notes that I made while listening to this album; its unforgivable in all its unreadable mess. I do make out that there were epically heavy piano bits, moments of full on passion. Stuff that made me want to turn the lights on and off just to see if they hadn’t been exploded from potentially being exposed to awesomeness..

There was the punk attitude, the synths levelling the place up, electric industrial experiments. The drum and the bass galore to make you sweat as if you had been standing under a shower! All that I can see in my scribbling notes that I made while listening over and over again to this album… but other than that; it keeps on being an overloading mystery to me! One that gets me excited but also sad that I can’t find the way to honour it in the right way! This deserves to be heard and written about by a sensible music critic like the people at Monolith Cocktail or Houdini Mansions! It’s just so good, it flows all over my head and that on its own is pretty much a sign of epicness! So to anyone able to do give this album an true review that it truly deserves, I fully greet you with respect and a massive bow; you are awesome! But for now I say Void Vertex you have made my mind into shambles and I believe that is truthfully a very good thing! Please accept my feathers of praise and continue this journey of making owners of ears completely flabbergasted! Get it over here:

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